8 Ways To Bullet Journal With The Erin Condren Dot Grid Journal.


I have a overly creative mind, and for the most part this can be very helpful when it comes to my creativity, planning and blog.



Other Times, this can lead to overwhelm and frustration if I don’t get these thoughts out of my mind and onto paper. If I let these thoughts clutter my mind, not only does it effect my overall productivity, it also effects the consistency with my blog content and social media sharing / engaging. 



My Mind Is A Beautiful Disaster. 


If I don’t get all these thoughts and ideas out onto paper, I become paralyzed by the thoughts and completely shut down. The consequences not only effect every aspect of my home life, also they effect my blog and social media traffic.


I finally came to the realization that in order to be productive with everything going on in my day, I need to take time daily to just sit alone and think, without any distractions, without mommy called a million times and just write whatever comes to mind.



So when I saw that Erin Condren came out with a Dot Journaling Line, I knew I had to give it a try. I am a Life Planner addict as well as a Erin Condren addict in general. And if your a paper snob, Erin Condren uses Mohawk paper, super thick with out any ink bleeding through your pages.


This time around, I had my cover personalized with my initials in gold foil, and wow it’s beautiful. I don’t usually personalize my notebooks being I am impatient and want them faster because, hello overnight shipping.

There are two different color options to choose from along with different foil color options.


The new Erin Condren dot journal is perfect being you get 3 index pages with 76 numbered pages, perfect for bullet journaling or even as a daily journal to get your thoughts out onto paper.


Dot Grid Bullet Journal Inspiration


The best part..... This new dot journal by Erin Condren is part of the petite planner line and can be used alongside the daily petite planner, monthly petite planners and all the petite journals including the folio.



More so, when you accessorize this journal with some beautiful stickers, washi and brightly colored gel pens, you take your journaling to the next level. Accessories are also a great tool if you make a mistake, just cover the mistakes with a sticker or washi tape and your good to go.






Here Are Ideas For Setting Up Your Dot Journal.





1-Make A Plan


You do not want to go into a new journal blindly, unless you are using your journal to jot down ideas and thoughts. Figure out what pages you want included in your dot Journal and write it down somewhere before you start. I have always loved the Erin Condren notepads, The newest large dot grid productivity pad is my all time favorite. I have always been a fan of Erin Condren Notepads, this one is perfect for planning out your new dot journal, it’s also has grid pages.




2-Add Adhesive Monthly Tabs


Erin Condren offers these adorable, adhesive watercolored monthly tabs to add to your dot journal pages.  They are thick card stock, abbreviated and the perfect size to add to a smaller type of journal.  




3-Incorporate stickers, washi, and some brightly colored pens. 


This isn't a must, all though I do like using stickers and washi in my journal being my writing most of the time is sloppy. Stickers are great for headers and mistakes as well. Skinny washi tape can help with creating strait lines, especially if you struggle making a strait line even with a ruler(guilty). Gel pens are super easy to use and give your journal pages a pop of color. The new Erin Condren Gel Pens are also great for lettering being they glide throughout the pages easily.



4-Add A Pen Loop To Jot Down Ideas On The Go.  


Being I use the mini adhesive monthly tabs in my dot grid journal, I stick my Erin Condren Adhesive Pen Loop onto the inside top back page, so my pen won’t get in the way of my tabs. The Erin Condren pen loop is great for attaching your pen onto your journal so you can jot things down that come to mind on the go.



5-Use The Front 3 Index Pages You Want To Regularly Reference Back To. 


The index is a fantastic way to remember pages you may want to go back to often. And being the new Dot Journal has a 3 index pages along with 76 numbered pages, this helps to keep track of everything important you many need to reference back to. 




6-Only Add Pages You Know You Will Use 


I have this problem a lot, even in my planners. I tend to add huge, unrealistic to-do lists that I could never accomplish for the day. I end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. So when you are setting up your dot journal ask yourself what you will really actually use. I know the meal planning pages look pretty, but I don’t meal plan and then I end up frustrated with myself. Make it match your personality and style.



7-Split Your Book Up Into Quarters  


This is one of the many reasons I love the new Erin Condren Dot Journal being you can customize it however you choose to. You can have quarters (like the petite planner line) or even one book for home, and another for work or family. The ideas are endless. 




8-Make It Yours


Make sure you do what is right for you. I know all the beautiful bullet journal pages out there can be really intimidating, but you have to make it yours in order for it to work.

Think to yourself first, what do I really need in my journal?!  Only add pages you know you will use and if you make a mistake, just move on to the next page. I’ve struggled with perfectionism for years now when it comes to bullet journaling, even with my blog I’m always still struggling that it’s not good enough.




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Wrapping Up, What do you think of the new Erin Condren Dot Journal Collection?! 


Let me know your thoughts on Erin Condren’s new Dot Grid Journaling Line in the comments below.  

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