5 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Planning Funk.

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Over the past 5 years of being extremely active not only planning but also the planner community, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I myself fell into a planner slump. Most importantly, if you are anything like myself  and suffer from some kind of mental illness or chronic pain, you will have many of these seasons. They could last days, weeks or even months of not touching your planner.  




However, I’v come to the realization that I am way more productive using a paper planner. When I’m in a planner slump, I now see the drastic effects it takes on my well being and home life. For instance I am in one right now as I write this blog post, not only has it effected my home, also my blog stats and social media, among my YouTube channel. 





All though being in the planner community we all say we get nothing done because we are so deep in the planner rabbit hole, but in all honesty planning helps not only with my life, also my creativity and mental health. 









My Mind Is A Beautiful Disaster.



5 Tricks To Pull Yourself Out Of A Planning Slump And Get Back Into Your Planner.






 1- Just Start Where You Currently Are


I know you may see some that back plan, but chances are if your already overwhelmed by life, you won’t have time to go back and plan all the weeks you have missed. Just pick up at the week or day (depending on your planner) and start fresh.  



2- Start Small With Bullet Journaling, Doodling, Stamping Or To-Do Lists 


If you are really the best thing I learned when struggling to get back into your planner is to just start, or even start somewhere else small. Use a notebook to doodle and write todo lists. I love stamping even though I suck at it, it does tend to get my creativity juices flowing.  




3- Switch Up Your Planner


When in doubt, change your planner. More often then not I see others who’s planner does not work for them and they keep trying. I know planners are freaking expensive but the one thing I have learned all these years is that if your planner doesn’t work for you, switch it up.  


Here is is my all time favorite planner:

The Erin Condren Vertical Neutal Life Planner.



I highly suggest this planner. If you are a sticker decorator, order the 12 months. Over the years I’ve found that the 12 month Life Planner has the perfect amount of pages. I promise you this, you will not be disappointed.  


Again save 10$ here off your Erin Condren Purchase NOW.  




4- SHOP... Buy Some New Planner Stickers, Washi Tape, Pens And/Or Highlighters  


I know buying planner stickers and stationery always gets me in the mood to use my planner. All though you do not need stickers in order to achieve a nice layout, it does help. Amazon has some great buys on pens and highlighters among tons of other planner accessories, I will list some of my favorite stationery below.

Wild Summer Designs now offers really cute and reasonably priced printable weekly kit downloads. Also she always has amazing sales.


My favorite sticker shops:


My Favorite Planner Stationery: 



5- Look For Inspiration On Social Media


This will help more then you know. If you scour Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook you can get some major inspiration. Just please don’t copy, make it unique and make it match your personality. Below are all my social profiles for more planner inspiration.



Wrapping up, these are some ways that actually work to pull yourself out of a planner slump. This may not work for everyone but it works wonders for me.

How do you get yourself out of a planner slump?  


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