6 Reasons Waking Up Earlier Will Change Your Life.

For many years now I desperately wanted to become the early riser. I read every book possible on morning routines to tried so hard to implement a early morning routine. My issue however, night owl tendencies.

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Sure that was ok in my 20s to mid 30s, now that I’m pushing 39, I just can’t do it anymore. No longer can I function on 5 hours of sleep while making sure I’m up in enough time in order to for my kids to get ready for school. 


Im not talking 4-5 am, though I woke the other day at 4:45 because my one son had a nightmare and couldn’t fall back to sleep, I ended up starting my day. It was great, I got this blog post mostly written but I was crashing my dinner time. So I may shoot for 6-6:30.


Most importantly, you need to do what fits for you and your family. Even if it’s only 30 minutes earlier,  I promise you will notice a big difference.  



Here Are 6 Reasons Why Waking Earlier Will Change Your Life.  




1. Read Or Listen To Something Inspiring.   


I prefer to listen rather then read being I have multiple kids ages 4, 9, 11 and 20. The realities of actually sitting with a paperback book is highly unlikely. This is the main reason I am Audible member.

I’ve been a member now for 2 years and never looked back  I feel the membership price of 23$ is so worth it. Audible has a variety of membership options, the membership I have gives you 3 credits a month. If you are interested in checking out Audible, you can get your first book for free here.  




☀️Here Are Some Morning Routine Books I’ve Already Read (listened to).




- Make Over Your Mornings

A course created by Crystal Paine from the ever so popular Money Saving Mom Blog. This is a 14 day online course is jam packed with reading material, videos and PDFs. The best part is you have lifetime access to this course and only have to purchase this once, it’s about 10-15$ total. This is a fantastic value for everything she pours into this. I highly suggest this course, it helped me tremendously.



- The Miracle Morning

Written by Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning was also formatted in many different versions such as, The Miracle Morning For Parents and The Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs. The Miracle Morning is guaranteed to transform your life before 8 am. My favorite part of this book is something Hal calls S-A-V-O-R-S  This was one of the very first books I purchased many years ago. This is a great read, even better, the Audible version.



- Hello Mornings  

Written by Kat Lee, Hello Mornings is such an inspirational read on how to build your perfect life-giving morning routine. This is another book I purchased on Audible





2. Find Your Why... Reason For Wanting To Wake Earlier.   


Do you struggle to complete everything on your to-do list such as cleaning tasks, blogging, exercise, meditation, journaling and so on? Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day and wonder how others can manage it? Well my friend, you are definitely not alone, I am in the same boat.


Even though it’s still a work in progress, I can most certainly see the difference in productivity when waking earlier, compared to not. The best part is I  get something accomplished by the time my kids need to be woken for school. And they benefit from having a mom who’s not scrounging around looking for things last minute.





3. Write Out Your To-Do List And Journal, Plan Out Your Day.   


Obviously, by my domain name (Planning In The Deep)  I am a huge planner addict, very active in the planner community and have been now for over 4 years. Paper planning was the reason behind my psssion for my blog, blogging about paper planning, bullet journaling, cleaning routines and productivity. Paper planning is my passion along with helping others.


I like to write a todo list firstly, then transfer my tasks into my Erin Condren Life Planner. I love looking back and reminiscing sometimes as well. Even though I’m a little overboard with planners, notebooks and stationery, I am definitely more productive now then I was before I started planning.  






4. Remember Your Why, Goal And/Or Task You've Been Wanting To Tackle.


This is so important. Having a reason why you want to wake earlier makes you more prone to stick with being a earlier riser. One of my whys is blogging. I want to be able to complete or even semi complete a post where why I do not wake up earlier, then I’m stressed because the time frame my son is in preschool is so short and realistically I also have certain cleaning tasks that need accomplishing.


Before waking early, either my house was clean and my Blog was crickets or vice versa. By walking earlier the blogging is out of the way before my day even begins so I can focus on my home or social media, maybe if I’m having a productive day..... both.  I’m already one step ahead. 





5. Get Yourself Ready For The Day. 


Though I haven’t really done this much, I’d like to start to implement getting myself ready for the day. Most often I shower at night anyway. Many years ago I found FlyLady and she always stressed getting dressed to shoes.


I would like to try and do this daily, nothing fancy obviously since I am a SAHM, just get dressed to the point I’m out of the clothes I slept in. Lastly applying some light makeup so I don’t look like a mombie....if you get me here. Just some foundation, mascara and my eyebrows filled in. Because we all know our face looks way better after filling in our brows with a brow pencil that is unless you were blessed with the perfect brow.


I have always struggled with finding the right shade until I found IT Cosmetics universal skinny brow pencil. The thing I love the most about their brow pencil is how natural your brows look, and you don’t need to dwell on a color being it’s universal. This brow pencil is amazing.

You can check Out “IT cosmetics universal brow pencil” here.  





6. That’s It ! You’ve Already Accomplished So Much In The Short Time You Usually Are Hitting The Snooze Botton.    


So thats it for this post. Just a tip before we wrap this post up. Write down the reasons why you want to wake earlier and what things could you do or accomplish by waking earlier. You will amaze yourself.  




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