Planner Pens You Can Use On Krissyanne Designs Stickers, Or Any Vinyl Sticker.

Happy Monday (well not really happy).  

I see this question come up a lot in Krissyanne Designs Stickers Facebook Group. What pens do I use to write on KAD(Krissyanne Designs) stickers? 


Being her stickers are Vinyl you have to use permanent ink. You could use a regular sharpie, just not a sharpie pen because the pens will smear! 

I have been a #kaddict for about 3 years now and own every pen under the sun that do and do not write on Krissyanne Designs Stickers. Below I will list all the pens I use or have used at some point on Krissyanne Designs Stickers. Most importantly,  give you my opinion on how it writes and how long it lasts. 

*This list of pens will work the same way with any vinyl planner sticker, such as Sweet Kawaii Designs and so on. If your interested in details and pricing just click the underline pen title to take you directly to Amazon💜



1-Sharpie Marker

The Sharpie comes in many tip sizes and colors. I personally like the ultrafine ones. Krissyanne Designs was including one in each mystery kit with her logo on it. You can find Sharpie basically anywhere or on Amazon.  


The Microperm is the most popular and comes in two(maybe more) different tip sizes ranging from 03 and 05. This is one of my favorite and I usually go for the 05 tip. The Microperm only comes in black ink and I’ve found them in Michaels and Amazon. 

 3-Pilot Of America Permament 

I only found these on Amazon but this is my all time favorite permanent marker pen to write on Vinyl stickers. The Pilot Permanent come in 4 color options(sold separately) and 2 tip sizes fine and ultrafine. The colors I found are Blue, Black, Red and Green.   

 4-Steadtler Lumocolor Permanent.   

I actully really like these but felt as the fine tip sort of lost its stiffness after a while. My second time using these I went for the Ultrafine and had no issues. Make sure when ordering you see permanent because they come in regular and Permanent with tip sizes of ultrafine and fine. There are a couple different color options such as just black, color options in a 5 pack and 8 pack (both these packs include black). 


5-LePen Permanent  

The LePen come in Black, blue, red and green along with 3 different tip sizes. I actually first found these at Joanne’s sold individually and also on Amazon. I found however,  I can only use super fine being the tip also loses it stiffness.  


6-BIC Permanent Marker

You can Purchase these at a variety of stores such as Target and Walmart. They come in a variety of colors and a 3 pack of black. All though I found Fine they are not easy to come by being most stores carry the medium size of .07. You also however can purchase these on Amazon. 


7- Papermate Flair

The standard color barrels smear for me at least. I did however in the past use the flairs with the grey barrel / colored caps. I believe they are the permanent version. I don’t really like these as much as some of the above but they aren’t a bad pen.  


As time goes by I will update this list if I find any other pens that work. There is a certain black double tip Tombow that comes with the calligraphy set that I love but can’t think of the name.  Though everyone is different and writes different, most likely this will be a trial and error. Honestly if you have a sharpie they work great and you could always experiment with other pens after your accustomed to Krissyanne Designs. 


Ps.....  It was announced that Krissyanne Designs will have a line in Michaels late this year!!!!!! 


Now on to you? 

have you ever used Krissyanne Designs or do you have a pen suggestion I didn’t list?  Please comment below!  

I would love to hear if you also are a #Kaddict. 


Jackie 💕