7 Daily Cleaning Tasks That Will Change Your Home Dramatically.

I am a planner but also a procrastinator, motivated one minute to end up distracted on social media wondering what I did all damn day. I do have 4 kids and a fairly large home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, 3 stories.  My house is never spotless nor will it ever be.  Over the past year though I’ve been making it a priority to try and do certain this daily. 


Here are the 7 Things I have been doing daily to try and stay above water.  I will never have a fully clean house with multiple little boys under my feet but these tasks made a huge difference in my mood and productivity!



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1-Making The Beds & Tidying up Bedrooms  

I finally got all the clothes off the bedroom floors and put them away in the proper areas. I now try and make the beds daily. It's not always first thing in the morning but I do it..... everyday now. Along with making the beds I also try and tidy up the bedrooms somewhat. Another thing is taking any dirty laundry down to the laundry room. Our laundry room is on the main floor where the entry room, living room and kitchen are. I do keep a basket in the hallway on the third floor where the 4 bedrooms are located and at times will throw any dirty laundry into the basket.

2-Doing The Dishes & Wiping Down The Counters.  

This is something I struggle with , I absolutely dread the dishes . More so struggle mostly when the dishes sit for a week. By this point I am completely grossed out and tend to put it off even longer. However the past couple weeks I have been actually making a consistent effort doing the dishes  makes a huge difference in the appearance of the whole house. My home can be upside down but if the dishes are done at least I am somewhat at ease.  

Secondly, I wipe out my sink and countertops/stove. I have been using Comet or barkeepers friend for the sink and Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish to wipe my granite countertops down. Lastly I highly suggest you use a Scrub Daddy for cleaning your sink. This little brush is adorable and gets your sinks sparkling.  

3- Vacuum Living Areas

I have to vacuum daily, mostly being I have a toddler that loves to make a mess. And when him and his best friend are together I have to tip my fridge and freezer shut or I will have a sand/egg/strawberry mess all over the kitchen . He recently broke my old vacuum and had to go purchase a new one. After much research I eventually went with the Shark Duo Powered Lift Away. This vacuum makes vacuuming daily a breeze. And unlike the rocket that had the motor attached to the canister, the Duo does not. I can clean it out so easily in my sink when it gets nasty. The best part is the cover of the brush roller pops off with the push of a button and the brush roller comes out with just a pull. Did I mention this Shark Duo has a motorized brush roller and 3 settings for Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpet and High Pile Carpet. 

4-Load Of Laundry Daily 

I have been making a constant effort to do laundry daily.  I will never be completely caught up and I have to accept that. However, I’ve been trying to make a effort to do a load of wash daily and folding right out of the dryer.  And ever since I switched to Mollys Suds Laundry Soda my clothes are cleaner and no longer get a musty smell. Molly’s Suds is free from harsh chemicals, gentle on sensitive skin and other issues like eczema and also has peppermint essential oils to give it a bit of fragrance.

I would also like to add, I took apart the fabric softener dispenser that's located at the top of the agitator in my washer. I never realized that you have to really dig and get to the bottom of it. Mine snaps out but underneath is a little round disk with a handle. I never really paid it much mind but let me tell you it wasn’t a pleasent site. The amount of black gook caked in was unreal. Lastly,  I did a rinse cycle with some Laundry Soda and what a difference in my washer performance. I highly suggest to take that apart if you are having issues.

5-Folding Laundry & Putting It Away

I have found folding right from the dryer has helped enormously. I ended up putting an old shelf type unit that was in my sons room and fold and place there. I dread folding laundry and putting it away in drawers. The biggest struggle with laundry however is sorting socks. I hate matching socks and still have yet to get that done. I have a laundry basket dedicated just to socks that I have yet to match. I highly suggest trying to fold right from the dryer!  It seems like a no brainer but is really so much simpler.


6-Tidy Up Toys/Living Areas

Every night I try and pick up the toys and put them into the baskets I have dedicated to my toddlers toys. I also pick up any dirty laundry lying around and any strangling cups or plates that were left on the end tables. I also fold any blanks and throw any trash away. I also gather anything left lying around in our entry room, this room is a long awkward room and I struggle with how to decorate it. I love the feeling of waking up and coming down to a clean living area. It has a major impact on my mood, anxiety and more so , makes me more productive and want to keep it that way.

7- Build Each Other Up.

In all seriousness being a mom in this day and age is hard. I struggle so much with trying to be that perfect mom with the perfectly clean home and perfectly behaved kids. But this is not a realistic (unless your on speed or have someone cleaning your home daily) approach. You will just drive yourself insane, for real.

Most Importantly the one thing I would never do is judge another mothers struggle. But unfortunately  in today’s society there is way to much competition. Us woman need to compliment each other not tear each other down. Life gets messy and sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control.

One week everything will go smoothly and everything gets done. However someone gets sick or the kids are off of school,  you are back to being frazzled and disorganized. And your house is out of control again. It’s a vicious cycle!


Now On To You.  

What do you do daily to keep your home manageable? 

I would love to hear in the comments below.  


Love, Jackie💜