Erin Condren Spring Seasonal Surprise Box

Hi Everyone and Welcome Back. Today I will be talking about my Erin Condren Spring 2018 Seasonal Surprise Box. This box is beautiful and only 35$ and that includes shipping.  


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The Erin Condren Box is a seasonal surprise box with a price tag of 35$ and that's including shipping. It's a great value, at least I think so. These seasonal surprise boxes are packed full of seasonal planner goodies from exclusive items to sneak peaks ~ Meaning you get them before there even up on her site to buy.



I remember the past summer surprise box, I wanted to place a order but completely forgot. Unfortunately when I logged back on they were sold out. A couple weeks had passed and I was seeing this gorgeous summery interchangeable Life Planner Cover all over Instagram that came in that past summer surprise box that I missed out on ordering . Well that cover was never for sale, It was an exclusive just for that box. Huge mistake on my part.

A little advice from my huge mess up, just order the surprise box if your tempted. 35$ with shipping included is a great value for everything that comes packed into these seasonal surprise boxes. Enough rambling!!

Let's take a peek at each individual item shall we.


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This Box is beautiful and interchangeable meaning you can use it inside out-that is if you plan on keeping the box. I usually keep all my boxes anyway so why not!

The outside is light green with the white signature floral print that Erin Condren uses for all her shipping boxes but this box being it's reversible has a gorgeous pastel green color with a metallic quote inside.

Here is everything that is included in this seasons surprise box. Enjoy!

And the contents inside:

1. Exclusive! Metallic Interchangeable Cover

This beautiful cover is floral with a denim background and metallic accents. I love how these covers are interchangeable since I change my mind constantly.

2. Exclusive! Reusable Bag In Painted Petals Design That Folds Up.

This bag is absolutely adorable and folds up with a metallic band to wrap around it so you can just throw in your purse. When this is unfolded however it's a great size to fit planners, pen cases, sticker, sticker binders etc. It can hold anything your heart desires.

3. Sneak Peak! Set of 3 adhesive patches.

These patches are super vibrant and super cute. They are fabric with a adhesive backing. Super cute to stick on your planner covers , dashboards or even make a adorable paper clip with them. The possibilities are endless.

4. Sneak Peak! Pack Of Two Red And Peach Metallic Gold Inspirational Quote Pencils

These pencils are not only beautiful but perfect for making bullet journal layouts or even to use as props for planner photos. The colors are gorgeous and the metallic quotes add a pop of style to them.

5. Sneak Peak! Set Of 2 Notecards With Metallic Accents W/ Envelops And Seals.

These notecards are so pretty for sending to family or planner friends. More so with some happy mail or even as a thank you card. They come with everything you need so your not looking for an envelope or seal last minute. And these cards will make you look like you have your shit together. Ha

6. Sneak Peak! Pencil Pouch

This Beautiful but yet durable vinyl pencil pouch looks as if it's made out of denim fabric. It's roomy but also compact so you can toss your favorite pens or pencils in it and throw it in your purse. This pouch has a beautiful red lining with the trademarked Erin Condren leather logo stitched inside. My favorite thing about this pouch especially if you are hard on things ( this girl here) it can be wiped down easily if something spills or gets on it.

7. Exclusive! 1 Functional and 1 Illustrated Sticker Sheet Both With Metallic Accents.


Stickers!!! What Planner girl doesn't love stickers. These stickers are adorable and the deco sheet has a adorable spring theme with quotes. The functional sheet is perfect to stick in your planner to mark appointments, to dos, birthdays etc.


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So there you have it. The Spring 2018 Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box.

What do you think of this box or even past boxes. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

💛 Jackie