Why The Power Sheets Is The Best Way To Archive Your Goals.

How to plan and achieve your goals using the power sheets by Cultivate What Matters

I love trying new planners, and more then likely there isn’t a planner I’ve haven’t tried.Three years ago there was a new planner buzzing throughout the planner community by Laura Casey called Power Sheets.

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Laura Casey is not only a mom, she’s also a best selling author, blogger, podcaster and business owner of a line of adorable notebooks, notepads, stickers and planners called Cultivate What Matters.

Anyone in the planner community can vouch for this, when a new planner comes out, everyone wants it. I myself had to try out this new planner called Power Sheets. The Power Sheets isn’t like your typical planner, it’s so much more. Laura Casey had designed this planner with goal setting in mind.

Why The Power Sheets Is The Very Best Goal Achieving Planner.

Below is the front cover.

Image Credit: Cultivate What Matters

Image Credit: Cultivate What Matters

PS..there are cover, color options now.

Image Credit: Cultivate What Matters

Image Credit: Cultivate What Matters

The cover is beautiful with it’s gold foil accents and white coil.I also love the colorful pages throughout with motivational quotes.

As you open up your Power Sheets there is a beautiful quote page.

Then a page of STICKERS!

1- Your First Tab, Named Goals Starts Out Your Sections.

The pages included in the first section of your Power Sheets are as follows:

  • 2019 Ideas

  • Getting To Know Me

  • Break Your Identity Box

  • Who I Really Am

  • Cultivated Life Evaluation

  • Letting Go

  • Meet Your Fears

  • Good Things

  • Challenges

  • Lessons I Learned

  • In The Wait/People I’m Grateful For

  • I Am Saying No To/I Am Saying Yes To

  • What Fires Me Up

  • Choose A Word

Then you have a beautiful Cultivate What Matters “What Matters” spread across 2 pages. This page has gold foiling accents.

The last page in your Power Sheets,“My Most Purposeful Year” right before your second tab begins.

2- Tab Number 2

The second tabbed section of your Power Sheets talks about Threads. Threads are ideas that spark as you write or the things on your Yes/No list you can’t stop thinking about.Threads are little golden strings that tie all your goals together.The pages are as follows:

  • Name your threads

  • Turn your threads into goal ideas.

  • Simplify

  • Action plan worksheet tips

  • Action plan, 10 pages per each goal. 10 goals in total

  • My Goals

  • Yearly Overview

3- Your 6 Months Undated Tabs.

After the first two sections subside, your undated 6 months begin. These sections are designed for reflecting back to your pre prep planning In the very beginning of your Power Sheets and putting your goals in action.

Then, the very last page in your Power Sheets is the CELEBRATE page.

This page basically is designed for you to look back and see your goals, big or small.

Look For Little By Little Progress, Not Perfection.
— Cultivate What Matters

So there you have it, my review of the Power Sheets by Cultivate What Matters (Laura Casey).

I use my Power Sheets along side my planners and lists every single day. This is the best goal planning system you could use.

PS… Check out the new notebook line, Write The Word. it’s absolutely adorable, especially if you love notebooks:)

Image Credit: Cultivate What Matters Affiliate Facebook Page.

Image Credit: Cultivate What Matters Affiliate Facebook Page.

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