16 Of The Best Pens To Use In Your Planner.



Today I will be sharing my all time favorite planner pens, along with my favorite highlighters. You know the deal as a planner addict, we all love stationery, but one thing that we may just love the most is pens. And we need all the pens, pens are a beautiful thing. So in this post today, I will be listing all my favorite planner pens, along with the link where you can purchase them if you are interested in trying one. I will be also telling you which pen works best on depending on the material of stickers you use. 



This post contains affiliate links. The links I included are only items I stand behind 100%. I have purchased these with my own money and was not given any of them to review. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my tiny blog. 💕 




Ps... Over the years I have stumbled upon many different storage solutions for organizing every pen you own, or maybe pens you have yet to own, but you will. So keep reading to the end to see pictures and details on storage ideas for any pen addict. So be sure you keep reading, or even Pin for future reference.  



Pens can be tricky situation when first starting out. I always thought I was a micro tip kinda girl but learned throughout the past four years that it’s far from the truth, infact I prefer broad for any type of pen from gel, felt or ballpoint. I have to have a tip size of at least .07 and up. The other thing I have learned, especially with gel pens, if the tip is too thin, they are scratchy. But I do have a heavy hand along with sloppy writing so who knows. Lately I have been loving the Pilot G2 0.1 tip and Uniball broad 1.0 tip. They glide with ease on the paper without the scratchy feeling.



So Let’s begin. Here Are 16 Of The Best Pens To Use In Your Planner. (This list is in no peticular order). At the end of this post I will be showing you how I store all these massive amounts of pens, make sure you keep reading:)





My Favorite Planner Pens:



1.  Pilot G2 broad tip 1.0 or fine tip .07  This pen has been a beloved favorite since the first day in the planner community and still is. If you love gel pens then G2 is the way to go. I prefer black ink but you can find the Pilot G2 in a large variety of colors and tip sizes  


2. Tombow Mono drawing pens. These amazing pens come in a pack of 3 with black ink and 3 different sized tips. These are fairly new but am really loving the way they write.


3. Pentel Arts Sign Pen Fude brush pen assorted color pack. I love these pens because the hard brush makes lettering a breeze. They also come in assorted colors for anyone who likes colored ink.  


3.1. Another option though with a different tip is the Pentel Art Sign Pen with a bullet felt tip instead of the Fude brush for half the price, they also come in the same assortment of colors. 


4. Microperm .05, Black Ink Only.  This is my all time favorite permanent pen for vinyl stickers and writes really nice alone in the Erin Condren Life Planner without shadowing or bleeding though. I always make sure I have a couple backups on hand being I use them so much.  (Prefect For Vinyl Stickers)


5. Copic Multiliner SP .05 tip refillable sketch pen.  I purchased from Amazon and writes super smooth. You can purchase refills and different nib sizes as well. 


6. Uniball Jetstream 1.0 tip black,blue and red ink. Like I mentioned , with any gel pen it has to be at least .07 but preferably 0.1 broad. If I go any lower they are too scratchy. The flow of these pens are absolutely amazing.


7. Steadtler Triplus Broad Liner Assorted Colors. These may just be one of my all time favorites. I always loved the fineliners but the broadliners took that love to the next level.   


8. Sakura Pigma Micron .08 Tip Black Ink and .05 Tip Black drawing pen. These pens are made for sketching but I love writing with these.


9. Sakura Pigma Micron Graphic 1.0 Black ink drawing pen. (Prefect For Vinyl Stickers). I just recently discovered this pen and it writes like a marker but super precise. Also I love that these do not smear on vinyl.


10. Spectrum Noir Artliner .03, .05 and .005.  These pens come in a assorted color pack or a black ink 3 pack. Each pack comes with a couple different tip sizes.


11.  PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pen .07 Assorted Colors. These are up there with the G2 in the planner community and one of my picks as well. The Ink Joy Gel writes very smoothly and have a variety of bold colors. These pens come in a couple different size option along with 2 tip sizes. And a very affordable option for a great pen. 


12. Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens S tip (means super fine but definitely broader from my opinion). I have the assorted and black ink and love the way the felt tip writes  I use these a lot in my bullet journal.


13. Erin Condren Duel Tip Twin Markers. The Erin Condren Markers have always been one of my favorites. There are many choices of colors and pack sizes. These are Duel tipped with one side being fine and the other are broad. Also Erin Condren gives you a 15% off discount if you buy 4 or more accessories. So go and buy them all. You won’t be dissatisfied.


14. Lumocolor Permament Fine tip marker pen (Prefect For Vinyl Stickers) These were one of the first good permanent pens I had purchased to use on Krissyanne Designs Stickers. I wanted something other then black ink at that period of time and stumbled across these on Amazon. They come in fine tip and super fine tip in a assorted color pack.


15. Pilot of America Permanent Fine tip felt marker pen. These come in black, blue, red and green but can be hard to find. I purchased these in a 12 pack box on Amazon and honestly are my all time favorite. The only downside is that you have to buy a 12 pack of the same color, there’s no assorted or even one pen option so it can be pricey. Though it is so worth it with the way they write. (Prefect For Vinyl Stickers)


16. Tombow Fude hard and soft brush tip. These pens give you great control with lettering. The stiff brush nib makes it super easy to make each letter precisely.




My Favorite Highlighters



1. Zebra Mildliners Duel Tip Highlighters. These highlighters are probably one of the most popular right now. They come in a  large assortment of colors with two different tips. One side is a chisel tip the other side a bullet tip. These are great for not only highlighting but coloring in if needed. And the colors are soft and beautiful.    


2. Stabilo Mini chisel tip highlighters in bold and pastel tones. These are my second favorite, not only are they super cute, they are tiny and portable  they have a great ink flow as well.




The Best Pens To Use While Planning Out Your Week With Stickers.


The one advantage of me using the Erin Condren Life Planner is the excellent quality of her paper. Any of the pens above will work perfectly on the paper, it just depends on what kind of stickers you prefer to use. If you rather use a Regular matte or Premium matte type sticker, you can use any pen of your choice.

However, with Vinyl Stickers it’s a bit different because of the ink smearing. If you prefer Vinyl Stickers, like myself, it is best to use a sharpie or a similar type of permanent pen/marker. The pens I listed above will say works on vinyl at the end of the pen description.  Ps... If using sharpie do not use sharpie pens, they do smear even though they say permanent.


One example is Krissyanne Designs Stickers. Since her stickers are vinyl, not all the pens listed above will work. My favorite, the Microperm writes amazingly on KAD Stickers, along with Pilot Permanent and Lumocolor. Lumocolor is a great option if you like to switch between black and color ink. The Microperm only comes in black in and so far, with a tip size of .05. This tip however is the perfect choice being it’s not too fine or too broad.

Same goes for The Happy Planner, Inkwell Press Planner and The Simplified Planner. They also have amazing paper quality with really no shadowing or bleeding. 


If you haven’t tried the Erin Condren Planner before, you have no idea the functionality and beauty that is the Erin Condren Life Planner.

To save 10$ off your Erin Condren Purchase with this link here.  



Pen Storage Options


At Home : All the pens I keep at home are stored in this 10 drawer cart from Michaels. I sorted them by name and used my label maker to label the drawers. I really love this idea and feel the drawers are a perfect fit. This cart also comes in a colorful option as well. 



On The Go:  I have two different ways I store the pens I use consistently while I am on the go.


On The Go Option #1 is this horizontal zipper case I purchased from amazon. This case holds 72 pens each in their own individual slot. Being this case has 4 sections makes it easy to organize your pens on the go. And the zippered compartment makes it easy and secure knowing your pens won’t fall out all over. I think I may of paid 12.99 and it comes in a large variety of colors. To purchase this exact case I will add the link here.   




On The Go #2 is for anyone who is like muse and hates having to slide your pens in and out of the slots. This pen case I purchased from office max and is made by Jane Works. This was on clearance for 5$ and has a huge compartment and at the bottom two side compartments. One of the side compartments has a slotted area if you would like to put a couple pens in there. This case is a great size and holds at least 50, if not more pens.  



As you can see, there are many options out there, you are bound to find a pen you completely love. I hope this list helps you to make that process more easier. Also, let me know in the comment section below what you think of the list I compiled or do you own any of them? Do you plan on trying any pens that I listed?

If you have any pen questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Until next time, thank you for stopping by💞