How To Be More Productive Everyday Using Paper Planning.

I’m pretty sure this comes to no surprise how much I love my Erin Condren Life Planner. When I first found the amazing and colorful world of Erin Condren Planners, There was no going back for me. Fast forward four years later and believe it or not my planning routine helps me enormously (even though I sometimes spend a little too much time, who’s counting?! decorating my planner).


Not only has planning helped me establish daily cleaning routines and habits in my home, but it’s helped tremendously with my blog, channel and all the other social media tasks in between. For me at least, the process of writing my tasks down every single day on paper helps me stick with them way better then if I used an app on my phone.  I’ve tried every productivity app on iTunes and just can not be consistent. However,  the one app I do use regularly for my blog, channel, social media and affiliate links is called Things in the iOS App Store.


Things 3 is similar to Trello but easier in my opinion. I paid a one time fee of $9.99 for this app and let me tell you how much this app has become a lifesaver when it comes to my blog and YouTube channel. I create projects within the app then in each project you can add single card to dos. I use it for my YouTube description box, Google Adsense links, affiliate links, shops I talk about regularly down to my profile links. Things is particularly great for linking because all you do is tap and hold the link on your screen and copy comes up, all though you really can use it for anything and everything.



In this post I will be showing you:


▪️ How I finally established a planning routine.

▪️ How my planning routine helped me with my blog and channel. 

▪️ Most importantly, how I finally stuck with my planning routine. 





So let’s dive in.


How to crush your 2019 goals just by using a planner.   





1. Finding the right planner is crucial for your productivity.


Planning is a major trial and error process. In order for your planner to actually work, it has to be the right planner for you. There are so many options out there that it can be completely overwhelming, and you may waste a whole lot of money searching for the right planner. For instance, do you prefer disc bound or coiled, ringbound planners or Travelers Notebooks. Or maybe you prefer Bullet Journaling. But wait there’s more….. Do you prefer a clean vertical layout or would you rather times down the side (hourly). Maybe you a horizontal type of planner. All the rambling above usually goes through your mind as a newbie planner, I’ve been there. Just remember, you have to find a system that works for you in order for it to work to its full potential.   

Realistically, I love all the planners and used or even still use most of the above. With that being said, my main planner, the one that works for me almost perfectly (because lets be completely honest here for a second, planner peace is a myth) is the Erin Condren Life Planner, Vertical Neutral Layout. If you never tried a Erin Condren, I highly suggest you check out all Erin Condren has to offer. You will find a planner that works for you on Erin Condren and she offers so many different styles from hardbound to the ever so popular coiled. A petite planner line with folios and her newest addition, the Focused Collection!

I have a coupon for 10$ off your Erin Condren purchase after you create a account. You can get that coupon here!



2.  Why I’m using a completely separate planner for my blog & channel for 2019.


Last year (2018) I tried many planner methods but none really worked as a catch all. That’s why I decided that as I’m slowly growing, a separate planner is absolutely necessary. However, I actually filled a planner for the very first time ever, my 2018 Erin Condren Vertical Neutal. I’ve been a Erin Condren addict for over four years now and this was a first.

You can check out that video here💜

Along with using my Erin Condren Life Planner I will be adding my Daily Simplified Planner by: Emily Ley onto my daily planning line up. I absolutely love Emily Ley and her line of planners, especially the Daily Planner. I am a list maker of all sorts, and this planner is exactly like it’s sold…. simple.

You have a timed column , task area and inspirational quotes. My favorite part is the pre planning prep work she includes in the beginning of the planner. I will be doing a full blog post on The Emily Ley Daily Simplified Planner. Until then , I have a YouTube walkthrough here if you are interested :

3. How I finally established a planning routine.


For me, in order to establish a planning routine I had to stick with the same planner all year (and I did just this past year in 2018). That does not mean I only use one planner, that’s crazy talk. I still use many but told myself I was going to stick with my beautiful Erin Condren Vertical Neutal from the time I ordered it in January 2018-December 2018. The one thing I learned from the past year was that I will never get the 18 month planner again. The 12 month planner is perfect for me especially now that it’s completely filled ( I’m a sticker addict as well) and by December 2018 it wasn’t over filled nor too bulky.

Secondly, a major key besides the right planner is actually taking time out of your day to plan. This is crucial for developing a planning routine. Regardless if your planner is decorated with sticker kits or just written in pen, consistency is key.



I really hope my advice has helped calm your anxiety around planning. I can still remember being new to the planning  community,  that was almost 5 years ago when it wasn’t a huge trend as it is now.

When I first joined Planners Gone Wild Unsensored we were under 10,000 members, fast forward 3 1/2 years later of being active in this amazing planner group, we are well over 60,000 members strong. Plus the same amazing admins who started PGW were the ones who created GO Wild. Go Wild is now going on it’s 4th year this May in Las VEGAS!!!  I will link the website for GO Wild Tickers here so you can check it. Tickets for general public go on sale January 21, 2018.

Ps… Go Wild 2019 has sold out BUT get on the waiting list now to ensure you have a chance at getting your ticket if you missed out!!! Hope to see you in Vegas 💜

Ending this post on a good note, I will be enclosing a photo from the 3rd annual GO Wild Planner Convention held in Austin TX May 2018. If you are active and passionate about the planner community, you do not want to miss the next event. Austin was an experience that money can’t buy. Yes I was anxious, nervous and awkward but it changed me in so many ways I could never imagine. It’s totally empowering as a woman to experience.

Go Wild 2018 Austin TX

Go Wild 2018 Austin TX

Do you currently use 1 or multiple planners? Have you found the right planner yet?


Let’s chat in the comment section below.