Brand New “On The Go” Folios & Petite Planners By Erin Condren.



Before I begin, I have been trying to get this post published for a month now. These are not brand new at this time, but at the time of writing this post they were  😂



Erin Condren just launched a brand new product unlike anything she’s ever offered before, A New On The Go Folio Line. You have a choice of 4 new daily planners that start in 2019, that come in quarterly options (3 months a planner) along with the monthly version for the whole year of 2019. 


The leather type Folios come in two different colors, Charcoal & Champagne and one size option. And the daily planners come in 4 quarterly options. The daily planners start in 2019 and the dates are as follow: 

  • Jan 2019 - Mar 2019

  • Apr 2019 - June 2019

  • July 2019 - Sept 2019

  • Oct 2019 - Dec 2019



Each petite planner come with a sticker sheet in the back pocket, I ordered 2 not realizing but I love stickers so that isn’t a problem. After I started unboxing my order I noticed something new, a large 7 page colored news paper. It was actually pretty cool and had a cute gift guide inside for Christmas gifting ideas.

Here are the stickers below. 





If I weren’t already excited enough, under the washi tape is not just One but Two twenty percent off coupons, good towards two separate future purchase. The stickers are located beneath the washi tape roll in the top hand corner. The first sticker peels off to reveal another sticker underneath that have separate coupon codes. 






When you receive your Folio, it will come in a cute white string closure dust bag with the EC astrick logo in the middle. This bag is absolutely stunning. 







This is a nicely made Folio for the price tag of 20$  Since this folio has four elastic bands inside, it can fit either four Petite Planners or even the Journals, Goal or Wellness Planners recently released. They fit perfectly tucked inside. 





I’ll link my YouTube video below so you can see my actual true reaction while unboxing this beautiful Folio.






Moving onto the new Quarterly Dailies and the new 2019 Monthly Petite Planners that were just newly added to the Petite Planner Line.





I ordered the Monthly Planner that goes through the entire year of 2019, the Daily Quarterly for January-March 2019 and lastly the Quarterly for October-December 2019. I ordered the 2019 4th quarter so I could use it now and cover up the 2019 dates with date header stickers. I am really loving this new system along with the same great quality paper as the Erin Condren Life Planner that we all came to love. 





More so, the Petite Planner is the same size as the ones previously released, such as the pregnancy planner, baby book, wellness and the goal setting planner. With that being said, the paperback journal is also the same size as the folio so you could add a blank notebook with your monthly and daily to jot down lists or even utilize it as a spot for bullet journaling.




I love the versatility of the new Folios and Petite Planner Line. Also being that the paper quality is excellent, it makes the new Petite Planners even better:)





Do you want to try it for yourself ?

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Lastly, let me know what you love about the new “On The Go Line” from Erin Condren. I’d love to chat about it in the comment section below.



💗 Jackie