The New A5 Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner.


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As I was browsing Amazon looking for my hundredth Bullet Journal notebook, when I came across The Bullet Planner. This looks like your typical Bullet Journal notebook but with pre made Planner pages. The best part, it’s made by Scribbles That Matter. My excitement was uncontrollable. Anyone out there who is horrible with trying to create bullet journal layouts I’m sure is with me.


The Bullet Planner is A5 sized notebook with dot grid pages, just like your typical Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal notebook. The only difference with the bullet planner, it has a pre-printed yearly calendar for 2019 and 2020, a pre-printed monthly calendar for 2019, along with dated weeklies and blank dot pages after the weeklies before the month concludes.


The notebook has numbered pages and is the same exact high quality notebook that everyone has come to love from Scribbles That Matter. The paper is buttery smooth, high gsm quality paper without any bleeding hardly whatsoever. The Bullet Planner is A5 size, and comes in 3 different colors, Dark Red, Navy and White. 

How To Choose The Best Bullet Journal Notebook

Here is a peek inside the A5 Bullet Planner made by Scribbles That Matter. If you are interested in this, you can purchase it on Amazon Here. The Bullet Planner price point is the same amount as you STM Notebook.

  • Year At A Glance 2019 - 2020 2019 Pages 1&2~2020 Pages 3&4

The New Bullet Planner
Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner

  • Month In Cursive & Habit Tracker Pages Before Each Monthly Layout

Habit Trackers

2019 Year At A Glance, 4 Month Increments-Pages 5-10 Full Year

Bullet Journal Collection

Pages 11-26, Blank Dot Grid Pages Before Months & Week’s Begin.

2019 Monthly Layout, January-December Month On 2 Page

Bullet Journal Monthly

Weekly Vertical Dated Layouts In Between Each Monthly Layout.

Bullet Journal Weekly

Blank Dot Grid Pages After Year Completes. Pages 203-229

I have been using the back blank pages for website tasks and a running blog post list. I will also jot down notes regarding my blog I come across that I feel can help me up my blogging game.


Pen Test Pages (2) | Mindfulness Page

Bullet Journal Paper Quality

Accordian Pocket Folder On The Back Inside Cover.

Bullet Journal Storage

In my opinion the Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner is the ultimate notebook for all of us out there who struggle creating bullet journal layouts. I am absolutely in love with this new bullet journal hybrid planner and feel it has so much potential in so many aspects.

Currently I am using this for my daily blogging tasks, tracking my social media sharing and stats along with my page stats. In the beginning of 2019, I told myself I was going to focus more on consistency with my blog and posting more often. I feel like this is the perfect addition to your blog or even to track home tasks/habits.

I want to mention some of the other standard features this Bullet Planner includes. Just like the regular STM Bullet Journal Notebook you also have :

  • Numbered dot grid pages

  • 2 blank dot grid pages after conclusion of each month

  • 2 page marker ribbons

  • Elastic pen loop on the back inside cover by the folder

  • Elastic closure band

Bullet Journal Notebook Cover

Recently I started keeping my Bullet Planner in my Choose To Do A5 size TN, I’ve also been using these super cute bow tabs from Shine Sticker Studio found at Michaels for pages I'm currently working on.


Here is what the sticker book looks like where I found the tabs.

Again you can find Shine Sticker Studio, WonTon In A Million and Sweet Kawaii Designs Planner Sticker Lined at Michaels Arts & Craft Stores.

Bullet Journal Page Tabs

So what do you think of the Bullet Planner By Scribbles That Matter.

I would love to hear your comments in the section below.

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