9 Erin Condren Life Planner Accessories That Make The Perfect Addition To Your Erin Condren Planner. (2019 Edition)

I know that I have done a post like this a while back. The reason I am doing a 2019 edition is because Erin Condren is always evolving and adding more fantastic accessories. And these new ones are not only unique but beautiful.

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9 Erin Condren Life Planner Accessories That Make The Perfect Addition To Your Life Planner:


1- On The Go Folio (TN Style).

A couple months back the new collection of the “ On The Go “ Folios were released amongst some new daily and monthly petite planners.

The new Folio now comes in 3 different colors and has strings like a travelers notebook! The folio is a smooth leather type material with 3 inside strings, an outer elastic string to secure your Folio closed and  lastly the classic EC emblem on the upper front corner. 


2- Petite Planners - These Fit Inside The New Folio. 

The petite planners are not only functional but beautiful.

The daily planners come in quarterly type style, meaning they are in three month increments.

The monthly petite planner comes in a full year, month on two pages. The petite planner fit perfectly inside the on the go Folios and are a perfect addition to your Life Planner.


3-Black Leather Folio (Focused Collection).

This black Folio is absolutely beautiful and has a ton of storage space. These Folios come in the classic Life Planner size along with a larger version. The material is a smooth black leather type and has way more storage then the original neoprene folios!  When you zip open this folio, you will find the inside front has a large zip pocket on the side, as deep as the size of the folio. This pocket is perfect for your planner stickers and fits even 5 by 7 size sheets along with a pocket at the bottom. The inside of the back features business card slots among a large pocket at the bottom of the folio.

4-Medium Clear Adhesive Pockets.

I had no clue Erin Condren started making another size of the large clear adhesive pockets. This has always been one of my all time favorites being it gives you additional space on the back of the removable covers in your life planner. The newest size is medium!  These are perfect for the petite planners being they are a bit smaller then the classic Life Planner.


5- Clear Planner Stamps w/Amy Tangerine & Erin Condren Collaboration.

When I saw this email from Erin Condren saying there was a new stamping line out, I was ecstatic. I love stamping and have now for 3 years. Like I mentioned in the title, this stamp collection is a collaboration with Amy Tangerine. I order right away, and received everything within a week. These stamps are clear polyoform and come in functional and decorative. The quality is wonderful and worth every penny. Another great addition to your Life Planner.

6- Blank Petite Journal, Make Your Heart Sing w/Amy Tangerine Collaboration.

This petite journal is filled with blank pages and will fit in the folio. This would be great to bullet journal in along with using your stamps. I’ve already stamped in this and the paper quality is amazing just like the Life Planner paper. And the front has a super cute quote by Amy Tangerine.    

7-Stamping Blocks & Stamping Ink Pads.

Among the brand new stamping line Erin Condren also offers multi color ink pads and stamping blocks. I didn’t need the blocks or ink being I already have so much accumulated over the past 3 years of stamping. But if your new to stamping, you definitely need these items alongside your clear stamps.

The Stamping Ink Pads are multi color wheels and come in classic, pastel, metallic and purple color pallets. I was tempted to order the ink pads because the colors are beautiful!

The Stamping Blocks come in two different sizes but I feel the bundle is the best value for your money.  

8-The Focused Collection Planner and Notebook.

The Focused Collection is a line of planners and notebooks that are made to be simple among unique.

The Planner is a yearly planner with a month on two pages, monthly step tabs and a horizontal layout on two pages. What makes this planner unique is that the first page of your weekly is undated (the months are dated however) and have great columns with checklists. The second page is a lined notes column. It’s strictly black and white with a black lux non-removable cover. This planner is like bullet journal meets planner. The cover can be customized.

The Notebook has the same lux style cover and comes in a smaller version and 7 by 9 size. The notebook is black and white and you can choose to add a photo sleeve and personalization.  

The Focused Collection is perfect for any man or woman.  

9- Stylish Storage Box To Store Stickers Or Stamps.

This storage box is similar to the one released last year but has a different triangle overlay pattern to coordinate with the new stamping line. This storage box is perfect to hold all your stamps and stickers.  



Wrapping this post up:


This was the 9 latest and greatest Erin Condren Accessories to up your planner game. These newest accessories are the perfect addition to either using in your planner, storing your planner or using alongside your planner. 


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What do you think of the newest Erin Condren additions? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  


💜 Jackie