4 Tips For Being A Morning Person.


Today I want to talk about something I have been struggling with now for an awfully long time, that is being a night owl. I am 38 years old and for as long as I can remember have always been a night person. All though I desperately wanted to be a morning person, I just couldn’t figure out how to put it into reality . I will also consistently write down my daily routines in my Erin Condren Life Planner.


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The insomnia only worsend after my fourth child was born in October 2014, after what seemed like endless years of postpartum depression and anxiety. Out of all my many list of symptoms was the one that got me the worst, that was not being able to sleep at night. I was up till at least 5 AM every single night (well morning technically) and then trying to get my kids up and ready for school was nearly impossible. 


Unfortunately, going to bed extremely late made for a horrible start to not only my day, my kids days also.  It was a constant battle and we were always racing against the clock trying not to be late. I couldn’t get up at a decent time so therefore, either could my children. And that only lead to them being late for school most of the time and many years of rushing frantically and yelling at my children.


Coming to terms with this Isn’t easy but my wish is to hopefully inspire someone-somewhere who may be in the position I was in just recently. More so to know you are not a failure nor alone. Just know that it is possible to change your mindset, even if it takes weeks, months or years. Eventually it will stick. 


There were many years of rushing and yelling, and while looking back it was mostly me, even though at one point or another the postpartum issues were out of my control. However, even when I started getting better, my insomnia continued.




Get yourself into a nightly routine.  

Shortly before my kids went back to school, just like you do with your kids to get them back into a school routine, I did the same with myself. I always thought I was more productive at 1 am, I was so wrong. I learned though this whole experience that I am the most productive an hour after waking, with the help of caffeine that is.



Be more mindful about going to bed earlier.  

I started being more mindful and knew if I wanted to get them to the bus on time, I had to change my own sleeping patterns. And you know what, my home runs much smoother now and the flipping out from my kids stopped. Most likely because I wasn’t a frantic, yelling mess anymore. 



Figure out the amount of sleep you need a night.  

I try to go to bed around midnight, to wake up around 7:15am, no later then 7:30am.  For me this works, however others may have to adjust the times a bit. First thing is to figure out how much sleep you need a night and stick with it. I only need 6-7 now, others may need more or less. Once you get into a routine it becomes much more easier. 



Download a good, really loud alarm app for your phone.  

Another tip is to download a reliable phone alarm app, especially if you are a super heavy sleeper like myself. The alarm I now use is super annoying but amazing, and gets you up and out of bed. I set it to be shaken hard 30 times without the snooze option. There are so many other options and sounds along with taking a certain photo or math questions to silence it. I promise this alarm works wonders and the best part is it’s free (there is a upgraded option but so far haven’t had to use it). You can download Alarmy here for IOS and Android by tapping the underlined link Alarmy above.


Wrapping Up This Post

All though this is still a work in progress and still struggle more often then I’d like to admit. My kids are now in Pre K, 3rd and 6th grade, and so far have not been late.There are still nights I stay up way to late, then the cycle continues. But as long as you try your best to stick with getting enough sleep, you are doing the best you can. 


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So what time do you go to bed nightly? Does it help when you get more sleep?  

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.  


Love, Jackie 💕