8 Ways To Establish Daily Habits When You Feel Lazy. Plus A Free Printable Guide For Your Planner!

For anyone who has read any of my older blog posts will know I struggle with my home and staying consistent with homemaking. I started getting into the wonderful world of paper planning about 5 years back while pregnant with my now almost 4 year old son. Though back then I didn’t realize that me stumbling upon planning , mostly finding the planner community on Facebook was a blessing in disguise. 


Shortly after having my fourth baby I was blindsided with major Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety. After 3 pregnancies I was pretty uneducated about this subject being I had never experienced PPD with my 3 other children. After my fourth child came into the world, I completely understand the mass destruction it will cause not only for the mother but also the family as well.  


After 3 years struggling with PPD/PPA I’m still not 100% and mostly not the same person I was before PPD. Though Postpartum Depression did take a toll on me,  there has been some good that's come out of it as well. For instance the amazing friendships I’ve made in the planner community most importantly Planners Gone Wild Facebook Group. During this time I was just surviving going through the daily motions of motherhood , not eating, hardly sleeping and not really cleaning or doing much of anything.


Besides keeping my kids alive and planning out my days in my planner, I really didn’t do anything else.


Furthermore, I was obsessed with buying tons of planners and planner stickers. Though in my defense, this was the only thing that actually made me happy during this dark period of time.


I finally came to the realization that in order to develop daily habits I had to be more mindful of how I spent my time , but most importantly, I had to be consistent with these daily routines every single day in order for them to actually truly work. Slowly but surely they did! Being honest there are still many days I slack but now I sort of do these tasks without thinking twice, the same tasks I used to dread doing.

If I can do it anyone can.




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8 Ways To Establish Daily Habits When You Feel Unmotivated.


1-Caffeinate And Plan My Day

I need caffeine first and foremost before I can do anything at all. While I’m waiting for it to kick in I write my to do list down and work on my blog , later I will transfer my tasks into my Erin Condren Life Planner.  I sometimes reply to social media notifications or browse Pinterest during this time, I love Pinterest early in the morning!  


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2-Start A Load Of Laundry

I try to do a full load of laundry a day,  however I am absolutely horrible with folding and putting the clothes away. This is still a work in progress, though I do feel as if folding clothes right out of the dryer actually does help with the procrastination. I have this shelving unit I use to put the folded clothes on until i get them put away. Socks now, that’s never going to happen with 4 kids.

About a year ago I switched from regular laundry detergent to Molly’s Suds Laundry Soda, not only is this stuff is amazing it’s all natural with a hint of spearmint ( also available in unscented ) and cleans my clothes so much better then any other detergent I’ve used.  I get the double large bagged option from Amazon being you also get free same day shipping all for 40$. I am a family of 6 and two bags last well over 5 months. In the past I had a issue with a musty smellin my clothes and ever since switching to Molly’s Suds it’s gone(my kids even notice it). I will never go back to regular detergent again  


3-Make The Beds & Tidy Up Bedrooms 

I make all four beds daily also I try to tidy the rooms / remove any trash after making the beds. It doesn’t get done every single day but I’m getting better at this and been sticking to it. Made beds and tidy bedrooms look amazing afterwards. Even if you just accomplish this, it makes a big impact on your mood  


4-Clean Up After Myself As I Go

This seems like such a simple thing but in reality it’s really easy to be extremely busy and leave the sugar out or not throw something away right at that moment. More so I try and pick up things as I see them and put them back where they belong. This task only takes a minute, if that but makes a big difference in the clutter that usually builds up. Also you can keep a basket by your steps for anything that needs to go upstairs, just put stuff in that basket and take the basket up and sort the items out whenever you get a chance.


5-Do The Dishes & Clean Out Sink

Sometimes this is once a day, twice a day and other times I sometimes don’t get the dishes done. I do however try and be mindful because dishes pile up rather quickly with a family of 6 and my kids home all day being it’s summer. I feel so much better when my sink is clear and clean. I use barkeepers friend and my OXO dish detergent dispensing scrub brush to make my sink shine  I then wipe it out with a paper towel.


6-Wipe Down The Counters & Kitchen Table

After doing the dishes I take a paper towel or a microfiber cloth along with my granite cleaner , spray down the counters and wipe them really  good. Sometimes I will polish them after I clean them.  I love the Weiman Granite Cleaner and the Weiman Granite Polish. The polish leaves your counters super shiny:) For the kitchen table I just use a handiwipe and some warm soapy water to wipe this down.


7-Tidy Up Living Areas

I try to pick up any kind of toys or trash in the main areas the kids are. I also will sort my sons toys in the baskets of the toys most played with so he can find them easier.  Most recently my basement was destroyed, it took almost two weeks to get it clean again.

Another huge area I’m adding to this list is the basement, after finally getting this area of my home in order and clean. So instead of closing the basement door and not dealing with it,  I am going down there at least once a day picking things up. My basement is two levels, a top platform and bottom flat. Also two big crawl areas my kids love to throw toys and whatever else they can in there. If I do not go down there daily and tidy up, it’s looks as if a tornado rolled though.


8- Vacuum High Traffic Areas

This isn’t everyday but most of the time it is. Since I have 4 kids along with a toddler dropping crumbs all over the place most of the day,  I usually do need to vacuum daily. I use the shark duo clean and it’s amazing. Recently I purchased the Shark Duo Clean Vacuum and this vacuum is not only super simple to clean out the canister but also super powerful.



Since I have been doing these tasks most days they become so much more easier to do. I love to play a podcast or Audible book I love while tidying up or cleaning, it makes tasks so much simpler. I know how it feels to be frustrated with your home, I am still there but I promise you consistency is the key to decoloping habits . I hope this post helped anyone out there struggling.  Please know you are not alone❤️



What do you do, or try to do to maintain your home everyday.

 Or do you struggle yourself like I have sticking to daily habits?  I would love to hear what you think in the comment section below! Also be sure to share this for future reference 💕



Here is your free daily cleaning printable. I suggest saving the image by tapping on the image itself and holding down until you see save image, then from there save it from your camera roll. Once in your camera roll click the send arrow and click create a pdf on iBooks or something similar if you are using a android phone. From there you can print and add to your command center, fridge or even planner.

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