While I was in Austin Texas attending Go Wild,  I had the opportunity to visit the Erin Condren Flagship Store. Ever Since Erin Condren announced she was opening a actual store it has been my dream to visit the store in person. The only obstacle in my way was that unfortunately I live in PA and the Flagship Store is located in Austin Texas.  


The very first thing on my mind as I was checking into my room at the Hilton was how to get to the EC store but by that time the store was shortly closing.  The following day was registration day but didn’t start until 2PM, my roomies ended up coming early that day. We ended up taking the train from Downtown Austin to the Domain where the EC Flagship Store was located. 


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The Erin Condren Flagship Store is extremely unique, creative and colorful. This store is any planner girls dream come true. As you walk in are a set of colorful rainbow steps that lead to a upper level with a marquee type EC lighted sign. The upstairs was blocked off all though you could go on the steps to take a picture, you just couldn’t go up to the loft type room!

the steps of the Erin Condren Flagship Store 

the steps of the Erin Condren Flagship Store 


The steps were the iconic place everyone took picture! 


Secondly,  as you walk to your right were big screens made of of four smaller screens displaying pictures of the Life Planner, Accessories and quotes. There were quite a few around the store!


Thirdly,  the breathtaking white tree that was located by the checkout counter. This tree went floor to ceiling and branched out throughout the entire store above head looked like a attic type room but this was blocked off for employees only. 



As I was browsing throughout the store there were tables upon tables of planners, acssessories , covers, totes, t shirts , stickers and so much more. More so walls with shelving displaying petite planners, notebooks , sticky notes , stickers and  accessories

On the back wall was a display of covers and this is where you connected with an employee to create your perfect life planner. Amanda, My helpful customer service rep was super friendly, helpful and kind. She helped me pick all the details to create my perfect Life Planner and guided me throughout the entire process  


The process for creating your Erin Condren Life Planner was mostly the same process as ordering it online ,  if you are a repeat EC customer then you have this process down pat. You choose a coil color (I love the black coil) layout, whether you want colorful or neutral and your personalization. Yes your life planner is personalized and coiled right in store!


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After putting in my order with Amanda I glanced over and noticed 3 carpeted steps that lead to a SUNKEN PIT with these modern style pretty couches and tables where you could sit and relax or even use your new EC goodies.  



As I was browsing waiting for my planner employees were giving out mimosas along with sparkling water.  The cover I chose was the white woven wonder. (Picture next to this) More so are the amount  of cover options from brand new patterns to old ! 



I ended up grabbing a bunch of accessories I have been eying up for a while now. After paying for my planner along with my other items and accessories , I headed over to the counter where the life planners were placed after being assembled and personalized.   


All though the planners do not change drastically from year to year she is always improving them based on customer feedback.  For example - last year she teamed up with Mohawk paper company and up’ed the paper quality even better then it previously was.

This new planner has lined paper between the months instead of the 3 circles and two columns. I always loved the idea of that page and actually made a video here if your interested.  I tried really hard to be consistent with that page but  struggled on utilizing it. I think going back to plain note pages was a excellent idea. 


Wrapping up this post I would say that the Erin Condren Flagship Store is not only creative and unique but most importantly the customer service is the best I found while shopping in stores.


Now I love to here what you think.  

Do you love your Erin Condren Life Planner or have you never purchased one before?  

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