20 Amazing And Adorable Paper Planners To Skyrocket Your Productivity In 2019/2020.

Paper Planning is all the rage right now. I remember back in 2014 when I first found the amazing world of paper planners, the community was small then it just imploded. Sometimes you can get lost in the groups, but it has helped me not only productivity wise, also creativity wise.

Paper Planning has opened doors for many female entrepreneurs, me it’s helped me find my voice with my blog and YouTube channel.But most importantly, the community was my rock when I needed someone the most. I found some of my greatest friendships though the planner community.

And this is why I am super passionate about paper planning and the planner community. More so it has tremendously helped me be more productive in my day to day life as a mom of 4 juggling my blog, channel, home & activities.

So in today’s post, I will be listing 20 of the most popular and adorable paper planners out there to skyrocket your productivity.

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Most of these paper planners I have used or still do use, others I've heard great reviews about. Here are my top picks in paper planners for 2019-2020.

20 Of The Best Amazing & Adorable Planners You Need To Try For 2019/2020.

1- The Erin Condren Life Planner

The Erin Condren Life Planner was the first real planner I used besides free printable planner inserts when I first started planning back in 2014. The Erin Condren Life Planner will always be my favorite planner. This planner comes in three different layout options among neutral and colorful. The newest edition has 2 note pages and a month at a glance before you months/weeks even begin. Most importantly, the paper quality is amazing.

The Emily Ley Simplified Planner is my go to for a Daily Planner, all though I do love the weekly. Emily Ley, the creator of The Simplified Planner makes this planner line all about simplicity. The size is perfect and the layout is functional. The paper quality is also really good.

More so, The Simplified Planner comes in a beautiful bound weekly format while the daily planner is a perfect coil bound size.

The Lara Casey Power Sheets is more geared towards goal setting then the traditional planning. This planner has a great layout for breaking down your goals into small sections, then achieving your goals over the next 6 months. Also, the paper quality is great. This is a really good goal planner to use everyday alongside your daily or weekly planner.

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The Bloom Planner comes in a couple different sizes and layouts. The Bloom Planner was created with woman in mind to help bloom into their best possible selves.

5- The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is one of the most customizable planners on the market being it’s disc bound. You can find the Happy planner in many different sizes and layouts, also you can find punches, inserts , stickers and more. You can buy customizable discs to add more or less pages to your planner.

6- The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is another bullet journal type planner that’s Goal Oriented. This planner is a undated daily planner with appointment pages and a reflection area.

7- Inkwell Press Planner

The Inkwell Press Planner is in my list of top 3. I absolutely love the classic vertical layout, but if you prefer horizontal you can purchase the flex option. The paper quality is just as good as the Erin Condren Life Planner among the different tracking pages.

Just recently, Inkwell Press launched a disc bound planner line.

8- Ban.do Weekly Planner

20 ultimate planner picks for the new school year

The Ban.do Planner is really pretty yet functional with a reasonable price tag. Ban.do is a well known name and has a great reputation. The quality is also really good for it’s price range.

9- The Clever Fox Planner

The Clever Fox is another bullet journal type of planner.This is a undated planner made to help you achieve your goals and increase productivity. The Clever Fox also has happiness/gratitude sections

10- The Day Designer

The Day Designer by Whitney English is the first Daily Planner to be released onto the planner market. Not only does this planner come in classic size (a little bigger then your 7 by 9 Erin Condren)but also a mini version, my favorite one. If you are looking for a good quality day planner, The Day Designer is your best option.

11- Paper House Productions Planner

The Paper House Life Organized Collection is a newer planner on the market. The paper house productions planner is a coiled bound,monthly/weekly layout vertical layout, similar to the Erin Condren Vertical. Form the comments I have so far heard about this planner it’s a really good quality planner with a reasonable price tag.

Paper House Productions also has a amazing sticker line.

The Self Journal is a 2019-2020 bullet journal type journal planner. The Self Planner Journal was designed with Entrepreneurs in mind. Also included are sections in this journal planner to help with time management, goals and gratitude.

13- Lilly Pulitzer 17 Month Planner

The Lilly Pulitzer Planner is beautiful also with a reasonable price tag. This planner is super pretty and is a monthly / weekly 17 month planner.

14- The Productivity Planner

The Productivity Planner was created to help and combat laziness. This Planner is a bullet journal type planner that is proven to boost your productivity.

15- Hobonoichi Weeks

The Hobonoichi Weeks,while recently rising to popularity among the planner community. This is a travelers type notebook planner with a horizontal week on one page with a blank grid page on the other side of your week.

You can find many sticker shops that offer everything from kits to day headers and tabs so you can customize your weeks planner.The paper quality is excellent.

16- Hobonoichi Techno Cousin

The Hobonoichi Cousin is basically the cousin to the weeks planner. This planner is A5 sized bound type planner with a daily layout. The paper quality is excellent.

17- The Reminder Binder

The Reminder Binder was a planner I discovered while attending Go Wild In Austin TX. It was gifted during the second day conferences and a lot rave about this beautiful planner.it has a monthly and weekly layout and has everything you need to track your life as a mom.

18- Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner

20 ultimate planner picks for the new school year

The Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner is just like your typical bullet journal notebook but with a pre printed undated layout. This has everything you need to plan out your entire life. I love to add tabs to my pages.

I love Kate Spade Planners. All though my go to is the Kate Spade personal sized zip around rings, I also really love the layout and quality of The Coiled Kate Spade Planner. Also did I mention that this planner is absolutely beautiful.

20- Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner

Another planner I absolutely love, The Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner has your 12 month, month on two pages with enough note pages in between each month to plan out your days or weeks.

The Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner has the same features as the ever so popular classic life planner, including tabs minus the weekly pages.You also have the option of additional note pages at the end, and did I mention the STICKERS in the back.

So There You Have It.

20 Amazing Yet Functional Planners For 2019-2020.

I hope the above list helped you deside on a planner that will fit your needs. I included a pretty wide variety of different planner styles to fit mostly everyone’s planner needs. Also, don’t let anyone tell you one planner is enough, we all know it’s not. Most of us have so many, more then we’d like to admit. There’s no shame in the planner game.😂

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Just One Final Tip Before I Wrap Up This Post.

I just want to add, you need to do what’s best for you and not what everyone else, or the planner famous peeps are doing.

Trust me, I know when your new to the planner community it’s super overwhelming, but we were all new at one point in time.

While I am a sticker decorator, you may do better with pen while others go no white space(full on decorated with no white space).


I promise that eventually, you will find your planner groove. Until next time.

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How many planners, if any, do you use at a time and which one(s)?

Have you found planner peace?

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