16 Cleaning Products That Will Make Cleaning Much Easier.


Today I want to talk about some of the cleaning products I use that help with my day to day cleaning. These products not only made cleaning much easier, but cuts your cleaning time in half (also saves your back, hands and knees). Let’s be honest, cleaning isn’t enjoyable in any way shape or form, so if I can find a good product that cuts the time in half I’m all for it.



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Getting back to the post, all these products you can get on Amazon, some I’ve purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond. How I love Bed Bath & Beyond, I have a store 5 minutes from me. All though this can be a good and bad thing, not only can I spend a lot of money in Bed Bath, I lose track of time and before I know it, 3 hours have gone by and I’m still wondering the isles.  

Please tell me I’m not alone?!



Most will not have a Bed Bath & Beyond close by, however all of these products are available on Amazon. With that being said, everything I link will be from Amazon, unless for some reason it isn’t available to purchase on Amazon (which is highly unlikely).




16 Cleaning Products That Will Help You Breeze Through Your To Do List.



1- Stainless Steel 2 Tier Dish Dryer.

I go through phases between hand washing and using my dishwasher, don’t ask me why but I do this often. Though I’m back to using my dishwasher, a while back when I wasn’t, I went searching for a large dish rack that didn’t take up a lot of room.

Not only was it reasonably priced compared to my local stores, it’s really sturdy and nice looking. This dish rack has 2 levels stacked on top of each other. So you not only get more room for washing dishes, you also have more counter space.

Lastly, on either side of the dish drainer is two separate areas to hold a good amount of glasses and mugs , and the other side has this neat 3 compartment silverware basket.





2- Molly’s Suds Laundry Soda.

Over a year ago I went searching amazon for a natural laundry detergent that wasn’t harsh on skin and had some kind of natural fragrance.  I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of this musty smell that was coming out on all our clothes, no matter how many times I washed them. That’s when I discovered Molly’s Suds. Molly’s is a hypoallergenic, natural laundry soda with a hit of mint. Or you can purchase it without the mint, I like a little fragrance. It all depends on your preference.

Not only did this take away that musty smell all together that regular detergent couldn’t, my 8 year old even noticed the difference and now will not let me use anything else. I get the 2 large bags that last me 4 months (family of 6) free same day shipping all for 45$. So not only is it way cheaper, it works so much better then your standard detergent and it’s all natural.


Quick Washer Tip…. If you have a top loading washer with the agitator in the middle, take off the fabric softener  top of the dispenser.

You will see other parts after taking the cap off, all washers are different and you need to get to the very bottom of that dispenser. 

Clean that sucker really good, just wait till you discover what’s inside the dispenser if you never knew to take it apart, which was my case.

The only reason I found this tip was searching Pinterest because of that musty smell. Unfortunately, even after cleaning that the smell still remained but made a huge difference. Once I started using Laundry Soda, It’s been gone.





3- Rug Doctor Mini Spot Cleaner.

Have you ever rented a full sized Rug Doctor Rug Cleaner?  I have and all though it works amazing, the down side is that not only is it big and bulky, you have to bring it home from where you rented it and you only have 24 hours before you have to have it back. This is a great option for a full house rug cleaning, the companies that come out to clean your carpets charge a fortune, the mini is reasonably priced, just as powerful and best part you own it.


Yes, the Rug Doctor Mini is technically a spot cleaner but a great investment to have on hand. You could very well clean a whole carpet if you really wanted to, but I use mine way more then I expected. Most importantly, if you have kids and/or pets, this is a must have. I’ve used the Rug Doctor Mini on mattresses (toddler potty training accidents) areas of carpets that something was spilled on to my couchs.  If you have kids/pets you know exactly how frustrating this is. I highly suggest you get one of these powerful little machines.





4-Bona Spray Mop.

I mentioned how much I love my Bona Spray Mop for quick cleaning of my floors. The Bona solotion also comes in hardwood or laminate/tile but I also love the Bona disposable wet mopping pads. Yes, with the Spray Mop you can wash the reusable mopping pads, I always have so much wash already that sometimes I just like to use the disposable wet pads. You can use the solution along with the wet pads or alone. Best part…. you throw it out after your done mopping.






5- Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

I sure most of you already know the power of these little white magic erasers. You can get scuffs off floors and walls to crayon and masterpieces off your walls if you have a toddler. My doors are white and these are amazing at making my doors look like new. I also like to use them in the bathroom to clean the tub and or sinks. They get all the dirty spots off with ease that regular scrubbing will not. Last tip if you have grout on in between your kitchen tiles, these will make your floor look a thousand times better!







6- Spin Mop

I love the Bona Mop for in between cleaning but the spin mop works fantastic if you need to really deep clean your floors. The bucket has a area for your water and cleaning solution, and also a area to put the mop head in. On the outside bottom is a peddle that spins the mop head to get rid of the excess dirt and water. I’ve actually cleaned my walls with this, it did a fantastic job.






7- OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub & Tile Scrubber.

Not only does the pile extend to get up high, the pads are replaceable. This is a backsaver if you get what I am saying. Being the shape of the scrubber and the way this is designed, you can use it on your tub, tile, bathroom floor and around the base of your toilet.

If you have boys, YOU NEED ONE OF THESE. The thing I love about the OXO Scrubber is when the pad gets nasty, just snap it out and snap in a new one. I want to mention that the pad is changeable but you only need to change it every so often. You do not have to change ur every time you use it.






8- SprayWay Granite Cleaner 2 in 1 Cleaner/Polish.

This is is the best granite cleaner I’ve ever used and the fact that it’s a cleaner and polish in one it’s way cheaper.






9- SprayWay Window Cleaner.

I have been using this for years now and in my opinion works better then any other window cleaner out there. This leaves absolutely no streaks and makes your glass sparkle. That’s why I immediately bought the granite cleaner by SprayWay when it was released recently, knowing it would work just as good.  







10- Clorox Disinfectant Wipes.  

Surely everyone’s head of either Clorox or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. I always have these on hand and being I have four bathrooms( yes 4!! 😩 ) I’ll keep one container in each bathroom under the sink. With kids I’m sure that you don’t have time to scrub bathrooms weekly, that’s where these come in handy. I’ll wipe the toothpaste out of the sinks, toilet seats and around the base of the toilets ( 3 boys ) and even the edges of the tub/facets.    






11- Toliet Stone.

If you never used a atone to clean your toilet, you are missing out on a sparkling toilet bowl. This stone comes with and without a handle. The one I had didn’t have a handle and I just wore rubber gloves. I actually like that way better, plus it’s cheaper. This is amazing and will get every single stain out of your toilet bowl.  






12- Shark Duo Clean Vacuum Cleaner.

This vacuum is by far the best vacuum I’ve ever purchased. Not only does this have an electric brush roller, it also has a microfiber brush roller that is perfect for laminate/wood flooring. I’ve owned a variety of Shark vacuums from the original navigator, professional navigator to the rocket. This one by far is the easiest to clean and the most powerful. There’s a light on the front bottom to see where your vacuum. I highly suggest this vacuum, especially if you have kids and/or pets.  





13- OXO Soap Dispensing Dish Brush.

I know there are a ton of similar dish despensing brushes on the market but the one difference is with the oxo, soap will not leak. Not only is it interchangeable ( we know how nasty these things get ) but there are a couple different scrub and brush options if you want to switch it up. And for the price of 7-8$, refills for a 2 pack for 4$ this is a amazing value.  






14- Casablanca Microfiber Cleaning Rags.

Maybe it’s just me but certain brands of microfiber cloths stick to my hands. These do not do irritate my hands and are super absorbent. Also they come in a variety of pretty colors and are machine washable.





15- Casablanca Water Block Rubber Gloves.

These rubber gloves are my absolute favorite for doing dishes. Especially if you are like me and gross stick food skeevs you. The Casablanca brand go up to your elbows and are super waterproof, I’ve had gloves that let water in while using them. I just recently started using gloves for dishes and will never not use them. They also come in pretty colors( my fav the light blue color ) along with sizes small, medium and large.  






16- O Cedar Hardwood Dusting Mop.

This Mop I use strictly for dusting my laminate flooring. This has a giant base and the cloth with get and particle of dust up. I like this mostly for around my wood baseboards and doing a quick dusting of my laminate flooring.






Wrapping Up


That was 16 great cleaning products I use for my day to day cleaning, there is just something about great cleaning products that make you want to clean your home.




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Before I close I want to share with you the best paper I have found for printing inserts and Stickers.  


1. HP Premium Presentation Paper For Inkjet Printers. This paper is bright white, smooth with a 32 gsm. It doesn’t feel like cardstock either, it feels like inserts purchased from your favorite shops.   


2. Royal Elements Matte White Sticker Paper For Inkjet Printers. Wow, this sticker paper is amazing. I only ordered this once being I would get the staples brand (which was great but this is so much more bright and smooth) but you definitely need to check this out.  


3. The Printer I currently use: Canon Pixma TS6120. I have always used HP Printers but was getting sick of paying a fortune for ink. I purchased this on sale at Christmas time for 69$!! Also it’s a pretty white color so it goes great with any decor😍 I have never been happier. I haven’t ran out of ink yet till this day. And the print quality, in my opinion is so much better.  


Let me know what you think in the comment section below about the products I listed. Also let me know if there is something you use that I may not know about. I can’t wait to hear.



I hope you love the printable as mush as I do.