Do You Love Planner Stickers, But Struggle With How To Store Them?

Let’s talk about stickers ! Planner stickers, that is. I have more planner stickers then anything else I own, yet I only use certain ones.

Can anyone relate ?

I discovered the world of KrissyanneDesigns about 2 years ago through a Erin Condren Facebook group.

By this point,  I previously only ordered from a couple Etsy shops and had a small stash of planner stickers, mostly made up of printable stickers I purchased from various shops. That all changed from the moment I joined Kristin’s Facebook Group !

I instantly fell in love! But at that time you could only order on certain dates. Referred to as Restock Days.

I was astonished by the loyalty of her customers , but more so the kind words that were spoken both of Kristin along with the quality of her stickers.

Someone mentioned that she was magic, the way she shipped out these perfectly cut stickers , at a fast shipping speed.

I patiently waited for the next release date, while browsing her store looking through everything I could. I then made a wish list of everything I loved, it was the entire site quite frankly. I had a bond with Kristin and these amazing woman in the FB group, that is before I have ever touched (or smelled) one of her sheets.

More importantly , in the 3 years of being in the planner community along with many planner shop groups, I have never come across a shop that I personally had such a strong connection with.

New Release day was quickly approaching , this release though was her exclusive sticker binder. For anyone who is active in the Krissyanne Designs Facebook Group knows that Kristin is wonderful at keeping everyone up to date with everything going on. Honestly I have no idea how she does it.

She has files in her group description about the Binder Kits along with different various FAQs. Kristin is actively posting and commenting in her group daily! Another thing in the files is the best pen to use for KAD stickers , since they are made of vinyl.

But don’t you worry, I am going to break it all down for you and give you everything you need to know before even placing your order, including all the pens that are used on her stickers.

My Recommended Pens

1- Microperm Ultra Fine Tip Black

These are one of my favorites. They come in many different Tip sizes and only come in black.

2- Sharpie Ultra Fine Marker Pens

I actually just started using these. I was always a MicroPerm girl, I actually really like the way these ones write on KAD. I however use the Set listed above with the flat top caps.

3- Tombow advanced lettering marker set.

I absolutely adore these markers. They are so versatile but the one I love for KAD is the double tipped mono.

4- Uchida of America Le Pen Permanent Ultra Fine

If you are looking for a high quality fine tip felt pen but prefer a mix of black and colors. The LePen Permanent come in a assortment of colors. But keep in mind, they are not the standard skinny LePens, they are the ones listed in the link above.

5- Pilot Permanent Ultra Fine Blue

This is my favorite, hands down. And they come in a couple different colors including green, red, blue, black.

6- Pilot Permanent Ultra Fine Black

Same as number 5 but black ink. Again these come I. A couple different colors. They write super smooth and are Permanent.

7- PaperMate Flair Permanent Felt Tip Pens 24 Assorted Colors

I was using flairs in the beginning of my planner addiction but stopped shortly after. Recently I actually started using these and I really like them. Also they are great and cheap:)

With a 100$ sticker purchase you received a free, customizable binder with design of your choice. The sticker binder kits were different then the regular sheets, they ranged from 25$-100$.

The kit I chose was , The Jen Plans Kit. This kit was Jen from Jen Plans hand picked KAD favorites! It was a mix of half and full boxes, event labels as well as other functional sheets.

The Binder release sale was only a 24 hour limited quantity sale, your custom design sticker binder would ship within 8 weeks.

You could choose from either of the following,

 1- The Full Standard Size Binder

Also known as letter size and required a 200$ sticker Kit Purchase.

(Please note however that the full size binders are now retired.)

2- The Mini Binder

Also known as A5. This was the most popular item and required a 100$ or more sticker kit purchase.

There were many different opinions to choose from. Everything from half boxes to full boxes, regular emojis , monster emojis.

Headers and event stickers, lettering sheets among decorative weekly sheets.

The prices of the kits ranged anywhere from 25$ – 100$ depending on which options were chosen .

I placed my order and then began to anxiously await for my shipping confirmation ! Not even two weeks had passed and people were posting screen shots of their shipping confirmations!!!

Within four weeks everyone, including myself, have received their purchases.

I now have 5 custom binders, and hundreds of single sheets that I converted into binders.

Her shop is now ready to ship and single sheets have a binder punched option. Ekkk.

The binders and sticker kits are now always readily available.

The newest addition to the KAD Binder family is the Celebrations Binder.

The Celebrations Binder is a beautiful seasonal collection made up of sheets to use monthly throughout the year and holidays.

I highly recommend this kit.

Are you a #KADDICT ???

Krissyanne Designs