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Tips On Starting A Bullet Journal.

Do you want to start a Bullet Journal more so do you love looking at all the beautiful bullet journal layouts and page collections in the world of Pinterest and Instagram but struggle to draw a straight line? Or even have hideous handwriting? You are not alone and have come to the right place.

*This post was just currently updated on December 4, 2017, to add additional items I am now using.

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Bullet Journaling is a huge trend these days and personally don’t think is going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many different notebook options, pens and accessories on top of not having great handwriting ( this girl right here ) more often it can be very intimidating. But the thing I love about it sloppy or not it helps my anxiety big time. If I am super stressed or my anxiety is through the roof just going out on my porch to write or creating layouts and collections is like therapy for me.

Here are some of the wonderful bullet journal accessories that will help you finally get that bullet journal set up and look Instagram worthy! More importantly, help you create rocking layouts easily.


1- One of my favorites is the Scribbles That Matter. This notebook now comes in many different color options. The cover is a smooth synthetic (vegan) leather with 100 gsm ivory dot grid numbered pages. Along with a key, index and pen test page. This notebook also features an expandable pocket on the back inside cover, two ribbons, an elastic closure and pen loop. This notebook has very minimal bleeding or shadowing through the pages and lays flat!

2- Another favored notebook and actually now my choice of notebooks is the ever popular Leuchtturm 1917. This A5 notebook comes with 249 numbered 80 gsm smooth ivory paper. You can also get different sizes and colors along with different page options for instance dot, grid, lined or plain. This paper is fountain pen friendly with no bleeding or shadowing. This notebook also features an Expandable pocket on the inside back cover. Along with two bookmark ribbons and elastic closure. The Leuchtturm is the original bullet journal notebook created byRyder Carroll and comes with an index along with a key. This rages around 20$ us.

3- My Third and one I really love but rarely see mentioned is the Miliko A5 Spiral Bound Notebook 2 Pack  This is a great option for beginners that’s if you don’t mind spiral bound. I actually like spiral because more often than not tend to mess pages up, and ultimately tear them out. Each notebook has 80 pages of 80 gsm smooth ivory pages. The cover is a translucent plastic and is super durable. Another great feature is that you can decorate the front page and see through the hardcover. This ivory paper is smooth and dot grid more importantly at 12.99 for two notebooks you can’t beat that. I highly recommend this for beginners as long as you don’t mind having the key and index. This notebook has no pockets but does have an elastic closure. The paper is just as good as your other popular bullet journal notebooks.

Pens – Highlighters & Markers

Mildliners by Zebra These cute, double-sided highlighters are perfect for highlighting and note-taking. They come with three packs all together in many different colors and shades. They have a bullet tip on one side and a chisel tip on the other.

Tombow Fude Brush Pens These pens are my absolute favorite!  They come in a pack of two, black Ink and a soft and hard fude brush nib. These babies are perfect for lettering

Muji Gel Ink Pens Assorted Colors These pens are colorful and write super smooth. They also come in a variety of tip sizes and colors.

Steadtler Pigment Ink Sketch Pens These amazing fine tip pens come in a set and go from super fine to bold. They are amazing for making straight lines in your Bullet Journal.

Stabilo Chisel Tip Highlighters These highlighters have a chisel tip and are super vibrant. They come in brights and pastel shades.

Tombow Duel Brush Art Markers Another popular pick among the Biko community, these are great for calligraphy and writing. They come in every color imaginable!

Tombow TwinTone 12 Assorted Colors Duel Tip MarkersCan I just say how much I love these new Tombow Markers. They are fairly new and finally available on Amazon. Similar to the Tombow Duel Brush Markers but with a double tip of .04 And .07. These markers just don’t have the brush tip and instead of a fine tip. There are two color options either pastel or bold 12 packs. I’ve purchased the pastel so far and will be purchasing the bold very soon.


Westcott Stainless With Cork Back RulerThis perfect little portable ruler has a cork base and stainless front. It makes razor-sharp lines.

NIUTOP Leather 120 Slot Pen Case  This is my all-time favorite case. I love that the pens sit horizontally and it holds all different size pens. This case comes in a couple different colors and features a couple accessory holders. For the price, this is steal.

Simply Gilded on Etsy She has the most beautiful washi tape, the best part is that her glitter washi does not have that annoying backing that drives us all crazy! You know what I’m talking about right?!

Sunshine Sticker Co.These stickers are printed stickers specially made for your bullet journal. These are perfect if you are like me, and can’t draw a straight line to save your life!  She has level 10 life, habit trackers, headers and so much more. Plus shipping is super fast!

Krissyanne DesignsShe has many headers and habit trackers perfect for any planner, including Bullet Journaling!

Dear Lily Designs on EtsyShe has cute, portable credit card size stencils. She has boxes, habit trackers, weather, icons and so much more.

MoxieDori On Etsy If you struggle with creating nice layouts this is the shop you need to go to. I struggle myself with making layouts and end up messing shit up then eventually ripping pages out. Yes, I’ve done this even in my Leuchtturms unfortunately. MoxieDori has any layout and collection stencil you could imagine and her shipping speed is incredible. I’ve placed two orders and they shipped within two days. I would also like to add that these are not flimsy stencils. I’ve personally had stencils I’d purchased from other shops that literally ripped. Hers will not.

If you are struggling with which supplies to start with, I hope this post helps you out some.

Now On To You,

Do you Bullet Journal? Or do you want to start a Bullet Journal? I’m nowhere near an expert so I would love to hear any suggestions that you may have.

Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Can you help me by giving me ideas for my first week of beginning my very first journal ever. Like what I should base the first entry on, and then the next days entry, ect..
    I think if I could just have an idea of what to wrote about for the first few days then I would be able to take off from there.
    Thank you so much for your time and input!

    1. I️ suggest just getting a cheaper notebook from amazon. The ones I️ mentioned have great paper with a fraction of the price. A Bullet Journal is meant to be a personalized system that’s easy , even though I️ tend to always stride for perfection even though I’m sloppy. Lol. Start with lists and doodles. You can tract moods, tv shows, collections you would like to incorporate as well as cleaning routines. If you get stencils they can also help you tremendously!

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