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Plan With Me. Using The August Mystery Kit From Krissyanne Designs.

I’m back again to show you in detail this beautiful mystery kit from Krissyanne Design. I talked about it in my last post but just received my new one yesterday so I thought this would be the perfect time to show it off thoroughly.

” This Post may contain affiliate links but I only suggest stuff I personally use and love. “

Let’s get started shall we!

I’ve talked about this in my last post. Her mystery kits are my absolute favorite. All the goodies you get for the small price you pay is unbelievable. I may have mentioned this a thousand times but these kits are not only gorgeous but versatile so can be used in any planner you already have.

Another thing to mention is since her stickers are vinyl you can only use permanent ink on them. I will list my favorites pens and any pen that can be used on Krissyanne Designs stickers. I’ll be honest at first I was a little nervous not being able to use all my pens but the permanent pens I found are a thousand times better anyways.

Here are a list of permanent pens I use and absolutely love:

Pilot Ultra Fine Permanent Marker Pen Black

Microperm.05 and .03 Black Permanent Pen

Sharpie Ultra Fine Assorted Colors

Le Pen Ultra Fine Permanent

This week I am using the newest mystery kit from August. Kristin amazes me every single mystery kit. I don’t think they could be anymore amazing but she always ends up topping the last. And this time she added a 10$ off 50$ coupon on top of everything else. That’s like 20$ for the amazingly beautiful mystery kit.

I will link her website Krissyanne Designs here and her Krissyanne Designs Stickers Facebook Group here. So if your interested I highly suggest you join her Facebook Group and/or follow her on Instagram here: @krissyannedesignsOr even my Instagram here:@planninginthedeep since most of my posts are KAD.

This is my 3rd Mystery Kit from the talented Krissyanne Designs and these kits are super versatile. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before in other posts! Lol. I use them in a personal sized ring bound, Erin Condren Life Planner (my fav by the way) and also Inkwell Press Vertical. I am using the Inkwell Press Vertical this week so you can see how versatile these kits are.

And seriously these kits can last you a month no lie these are not your typical one week and done type kit. These kits lasts weeks or a month depending on how much or little you decorate.

Ok the moment you all been waiting for…. PICTURES and how I plan With these kits.

Let’s Go Shall We.

The first picture below is the first two sheets, the sampler with washi strips and seriously these washi strips are heaven! And the second sheet glitter header. I absolutely love glitter headers.

The next two sheets are full functional boxes with checklists and lines along with half boxes and header strips. The next sheet are the beautiful decorative full boxes along with 1/4 boxes and header strips. Everything about these kits are absolutely

The 1st sheet below are the squiggle 1/4 boxes , To Do, This Week and Bills Due. As well as 2 Monday-Sunday lined task tracking boxes. I loved these boxes as well. The 2nd sheet in the picture are the To Clean, To Go and Today headers. As well as the Good Morning decorative 1/2 box. You also get some plain pretty decorative boxes at the bottom also.

The final picture are the Samplers you receive like I said in the beginning she gave us a 10$ off 50$ which is awesome btw. And the date headers. I love date headers, They just bring your spread all together!

I almost forgot to add the rest! A #kaddict sharpie that you can use on Krissyanne Designs , 3 note cards w/ envelopes and a Monday – Sunday note pad.

So that basically sums up my post for today. Again her kits are released around the 15th of the month always on a Friday. so look out around the week of November 15th.

And here is my spread so far this week using my Inkwell Press Planner.

So that’s all for today. Now it’s your turn!

Have you ever purchased one of Krissyanne Designs Mystery Kits? If not what do you think of them?

❤️ Jackie

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