Plan With Me…… Erin Condren Monthly Goals.

Happy Monday!

Today is going to be Part 1 of a series of Plan With Me’s using my 2018 Erin Condren vertical life planner.

I already had a 2017/2018 Erin Condren but when I saw the change to the vertical neutral layout for 2018 I couldn’t resist.

My original Erin Condren was the colorful vertical layout. However I strangely couldn’t work with the way it was set up. A month after launch I switched to the hourly colorful layout and in the past prefered the hourly being it’s a straight lined column but don’t really have much need for the time slots.

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However this layout is slightly different then the usual vertical. Instead of the normal 3 boxed vertical days with a header above each this has 3 dotted squares without the top header. Needless to say I’m absolutely in love with this new layout . If your interested in purchasing your own Erin Condren Life Planner you can save 10$ off your first purchase with this link here:10$ Off Your First EC Purchase

Surprisingly enough I’ve purchased at least 30 Erin Condren Life Planners over my 4 years of planning but honestly never had a 12 month yearly one. I would always purchase on launch day adding the remaining months onto the next year. Have I found planner peace? Just maybe! That is if planner peace actually exists.

Being this is technically my first January -December Erin Condren Life Planner, I’m determined to use this to it’s maximum capacity .

Now back to the reason of this post. Since I am determined to use every nook and cranny in this planner that means using every page my planner has to offer. I have never really knew how to use these pages and often only planned my week but mostly would planner hop weekly.

I would always end up moving into my Filofax, Day Designer, Inkwell Press or Simplified Planner but recently I’ve been trying to stick with one planner. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my Personal Ringbound Filofax Malden or my beautiful black zip Kate Spade Personal Planner however always gravitate back to my Erin Condren.

This doesn’t mean I am going to throw all my planners out (that’s just insane) but I am going to try my best to consistently stay in my Erin Condren planner daily even if I decide to switch back and forth. I need to commit to planning in one planner more so I need my important info in one planner consistently just so if I ever have to look back on something I know where to look.

Here is how I’m utilizing my monthly goal page in my Erin Condren Life Planner.

These adorable circle stickers are from The Coffee Monsterz Co. I highly suggest you check her shop out. And since she has two shop platforms on Etsy and Shopify you can shop however your comfortable!

I write my 4 main goals for February in the circles above the two lined columns. I use the two lined columns to write my Daily Routine/Tasks and the second column for all my To-Do’s for February.

I tried writing Hello February at the top in calligraphy but ultimately covered it with washi tape since I always tend to hate and eventually cover up my handwriting.

I try to complete some of my Daily Tasks everyday being I have 4 kids and a fairly big 3 story , 4 bedroom/4 bathroom home and 6 of us. If I let these things go for a couple of days my home looks like a herd of wild animals ran through it. Let’s not forget the oldest who’s 19 and had a dwarf bunny living in her room for over a week until I found out. Like I need anything or anybody else to clean up after. And the bunny is still here because she got my 8 year old attached before myself or husband found out.

Now on to the second column – my To-Do’s which consists of whatever I need to get done for that month such as bills, things I need to order from Amazon (I get my laundry soda on Amazon and ever since discovering Molly’s Suds I will never switch back) bills that are due and stuff that needs to get done or booked such as my Go Wild flight to Austin this coming May.

Go Wild is a yearly planner conference that the Facebook Group Planners Gone Wilds admins put together. However this isn’t your typical planner meet this is 4 days of Swag, Speakers and Inspiration!! This year it’s at the Hilton in downtown Austin and is now successfully on it’s 3rd year.

This is my first year finally being able to go after being in the group for 2 1/2 years and seriously haven’t been this excited in many years. If your a planner girl you completely understand the excitement!

Ps….. Erin Condren herself will be speaking and there’s also Planjama with open bar hosted by the queen of stickers herself – Kristin from Krissyanne Designs. And did I mention the amount Of SWAG!!!!! If you are a planner girl this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and dream come true. Unfortunately there is only a limited amount of tickets left so I will link it Here for into and ticket purchase options. Just Incase you want to take a peek. You can also watch many videos from previous years on YouTube.

Back to the monthly goal page.

I also made a YouTube video on my channel for a more in-depth look into how I plan out my monthly goal page.

PLAN WITH ME | Monthly Goals


Part 2 is going to be decorating and planning my month on two page spread. So stay tuned for this post later on this week. There will also be a YouTube video for a more closer look.

Now On To You. I’d Love To Hear what’s on your monthly goal lists!

Do you use a Erin Condren to plan out your monthly goals? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

❤️ Jackie

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