How My Planner Addiction Started, And The Group I Found When I Needed Someone The Most. 

I love being organized,  I love planners and I love the idea of having daily routines and habits.

But let’s face it… With four kids it’s not that simple!

It all started a couple years back while I was pregnant with my now 2 1/2 year old.

I discovered Fly Lady , her zones, routines and control journal.  As well as Planner Facebook Groups and the world of Erin Condren!

I had binders with free organizational printables from different blogs and Etsy Shops and a downloaded copy of the FlyLady Control Journal, along with all her daily tips and zones by my side. I was trying to get dressed to shoes , fix myself up and keep my sink shined.

I eventually discovered ARC (my husband would use the ARC system for work) and was using that for a good couple months until, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of Erin Condren planners. Save 10$ on your first Erin Condren Purchase here:

They were bright and pretty, with lots of room for writing out tasks and daily routines. Also removable covers, a snap in ruler clear , clear zip pouch and a pocket folder.

I actually found a staples 35-40 minutes from my house that sold EC. I Started with the vertical layout that was 2013-2014.

I ended up getting a large Kikki K and went on to uncoil , trim and punch to put my Erin Condren into my Kikki K, That was a BIG mistake.

A year later came her launch and the first time I ordered from Erin Condrens site!!  I ended up trying a horizontal EC and stumbled on a EC Horizontal FB group.
While in that group I discovered Cindy, and her beautiful Lettering and layouts!
I commented on her spread, along with hundreds of likes and comments asking her where she learned to letter so beautifully in her EC Horizontal.

Cindy replied and told me about her free Lettering sheets to download on YouTube.  After her very first video (I still remember distinctly her cursing out her washi tape😂) I absolutely loved her!  And through Cindy,I found the wonderful world of Planners Gone Wild Uncencored.

I was finally on my way to getting my life organized and keeping up with my home as a stay at home mom to almost 4! Ha, that’s what I thought !

We’ll,  let’s just say I’ve spiraled from the days of binders, Arcs and free printables.

Now I have Raskog carts filled with planners, stickers, post it notes , page flags , washi tape, pens and Felt Tip Permanent (I use for Krissyanne Designs) Laminating sheets, a laminator and scrapbook paper.<<<<<<<<
y planners from Erin Condren, Inkwell Press, The Simplified Planner and Day Designer.

Kikki K personal size and A5 ringbounds. A personal Filofax Malden and a black personal zip ring bound KATE SPADE(my unicorn) . BTW: I only use Sew Much Crafting inserts in them as well.               Here is the link for Danielle’s Etsy store Sew Much Crafting below:

I also recently got into bullet journaling, and the world of Travlers Notebooks! I have multiple Leuchtturms, Rhonda’s and scribbles that matter. I have two TNs, personal and Pocket. BTW I only use Sew Much Crafting inserts.

But my biggest weakness is Krissyanne Designs Stickers and her Sticker Binders. Her stickers are vinal , the sheets are all the same size and now come Binder punched , but is totally optional.

That’s exciting because the only way to get your sheets Binder punched (and the same size) was during Binder launches.            And if you spend 100$ you get a free binder. These Binders come personalized  and are the sturdiest binder I’ve ever came across. And the patterns are stunning!<<<<<<<<
k about the beauty of Krissyanne Designs kits (KAD).  The colors are so beautiful and vibrant, always a perfect cut and smell like pool floats. A full kit is only 25$ for 5 full sized mini binder sheets, you can’t beat that price. But you can also purchase the sheets individually ( which I love btw) if there is a certain sheet(s) you may not use. Also her stickers are super versatile, a sheet could say personal size BUT I’ve used them in A5, EC and personal planners!!!!                                                           I will link Krissyanne Designs below:<<<<<<<<
group,  where she keeps us all super updated. Kristin or  Jesus answers any questions, comments or concerns as well gives shipping details, sneak peaks and release info. It’s like a close knit community:). FB Link below:<<<<<<<<
go back a little……

After I delivered my fourth, a couple months later I fell into deep Postpartum Depression/Anxiety, I never had this with any other pregnancy. I did not eat nor sleep, I was angry all the time and was 90 pounds.

I felt my husband, family and children were better off without me. I would stay up all hours a night, running on 2-3 hours of sleep. I would obsess over ways I could disappear, or worse, just end my life.             I hit rock bottom!

At the time,  I felt no one understood the severe horror I was going through I was alone and felt betrayed by so many.

I was called a bad mom, and accused of being on drugs because I didn’t sleep.          It was darkest year and a half of my entire life and would never wish this on my worse enemy.

I finally sought help when my son was 8 months old. He is now almost 3 and I feel like the fog has lifted.  I just don’t know if I will ever be the person I was before PPD.<<<<<<<<
were and still are a coping mechanism for me, which some people, family included look at me like I’m crazy.                                  The planner community I am most active in is Planners Gone Wild Uncensored.

This group is over 40,000 strong as of now and when I was in my darkest place I knew I could hop on , find some #llamalove or some good drama at the same time.

PGW is active 24/7 , I would scroll through the feed at 3 AM and quickly find a post to comment on and eventually turned into a day long conversation. I also love to share my planner posts, because these women are my tribe and they understand my Planner problems!

I have been in PGW for almost 2 years now and honestly don’t think I would be here today without the support of that group.<<<<<<<<
ought in a million years , when I hit that little join group button I would connect in a way with so many amazing woman and these woman would have such an impact on my life.

I am forever greatful that I found them, they saved my life when I was at my darkest moments.

I am not perfect but I’m surviving! And anyone in the same situation I am here for you! I never realized the depths of PPD until I experienced it myself.

If anyone is struggling, please reach out to anyone who will listen. You are worth it, your kids need you and love you for the mom you are. No ones perfect, even if they look perfect on Facebook! Has anyone had a similar experience?

I would love to hear from  you . ❤<<<<<<<<