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How To Get Your Home Clean With A POWER HOUR!

Hi there,

I have come to the end of the third school week. My older two boys have been off the past two days for Rosh Hashanah and things have been a tad chaotic.

I’ve let my housework go, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done with a toddler and two older boys constantly asking for something. But I have to add that I’ve been keeping up , more so then I’ve ever had.

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Today is Friday, my preschooler is in school and my 7 year old went to the office with my husband. As my 10 year old sleeps on the couch I am going to do a power hour!

You may be wondering what exactly is a power hour? A power hour is where you write a list of all the tasks you would like to accomplish in that hour. Now sometimes depending how long the list is it will take a bit longer. But you get the idea.

What motivated me to a power hour and write this blog post was an old blog post from Nony @ A Slob Comes Clean.

I stumbled upon her FB page this morning and began to read her very first blog post written years ago. She is a blogger who started her blog many years ago to hold herself accountable to stop being a slob. A while back I read her book and I connected with her words, her posts always motivates me to clean.

If you never read her blog posts or her book I highly suggest you do.

As I was creating my blog image I came across this quote I posted above. And it’s the truth, bloggers inspire me more then they know and I appreciate every single one of you ❤️

So Here We Go!!!!

My Power Hour To Do List:

1- Dishes

2- Wipe the kitchen counters

3- Windex the patio glass

4- Pick up the living room toys

5- Fold blankets

6- Make all the beds, tidy up bedrooms

7- Fold laundry in dryer

I use my Erin Condren Planner Daily. I write everything down from waking up early, waking the boys up to breakfast and boys leaving for school. I use multiple Planners along with a Bullet Journal as I am a planner addict but always go back to my Erin Condren Life Planner. I highly suggest this Planner. It has multiple places to write anything down your heart desires to keep you on track. They also offer multiple layouts like horizontal, vertical or hourly.

My planner pictured above is the hourly layout . I don’t always go by the time slots written but love the lined vertical straight columns. This layout by far is my favorite. Another option I adore is the removable, custom covers as well as the new Mohawk paper she now uses for the 2017-2018 planners. The paper is smooth and thick !

Save 10$ Off Your First Erin Condren Order

I am going to do my best to get this done in one hour, but let’s be realistic it may take longer.

I am going to Time each task then come back and finish writing this post.

Wish me luck. I will need it.

It is currently 11:42 and my dishes are done and my counters wiped. I also took the kitchen trash out. When I was about to start my 10 year old woke up and wanted breakfast, that sidetracked me a bit. My toddler will be home at 12:30 so I will see how much I will accomplish until then. Again, Wish Me Luck.

My toddler came home at 12:30. Here is what I had accomplished between 11:42-12:30.

-Pick up the living room toys

-Windex the patio glass

-Fold all blankets

-Tidy up

-Make the beds

I didn’t get everything accomplished on my list however I got enough accomplished and this made a huge difference in my day. I feel more at ease with my children and with my productivity in general when I get some of my tasks checked off.

I will try and fold the wash tonight after the kiddos are in bed.

Now onto you!

I would love to hear if you incorporate power hours into your days. Please leave me a comment below what you accomplished by using a power hour.

❤️ Jackie

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