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How I Keep My Family Organized Using My Erin Condren Life Planner.

Are you in to paper planning as much as I am?

Do you write every last detail down every single day?

If so you are already one step ahead of the game , if not I highly suggest you purchase one. It doesn’t have to be a Erin Condren. All though I have been paper planning for four years now and always go back to Erin Condren .

But honestly It can be a standard target planner or even a notebook to start small with daily tasks, schedules and so on.

I have always been that type of person who in order to remember anything needed to write it down. Even as far back as taking my learners permit, I had to copy that huge and boring booklet just so I’d remember the answers . Well it paid off because I finally passed .

Every morning I write down my morning routine. Getting up early, getting my 3 boys up and dressed for school. Breakfast and leaving the house on time to take my boys to school.

Another thing I write daily are my daily cleaning tasks.

– Making The Beds

– Tidying The Bedrooms

– Starting A Load Of Laundry

– Doing Any Dishes In The Sink

– Wiping Down The Kitchen Counters

– Tidy Living Room and Toys

– Vacuum The Living Room ( usually twice a day because of my toddler )

– Folding The Laundry ( let me be honest here, that does not always get done daily)

– Putting Laundry Away In Drawers ( another thing I struggle with but I’ve gotten better with this)

– And Making Sure The Kitchen Is Cleaned and Living Room is Tidy and Vacuumed Before I Go To Bed. ( this one step makes a huge difference in my mornings )

I also write any baseball practices or games the boys have for that week, school events if any and doctors appointments.

I always try to get to my weekly cleaning task but honestly it’s hard with a family of 6. I do however change bedding several times a week, because you know BOYS !

I don’t really use the monthly calendar but I will write bills I’ve paid and the amount on the date their paid. I was however thinking of doing some kind of decluttering or cleaning that desperately needs to get done and using my monthly spread for this. My thoughts were picking one thing a day for that month and making myself do it. I would love to eventually incorporate this into my monthly.

Another great idea for anyone who meal plans could be using the monthly for dinner ideas for the month. Also I love the idea of using your monthly for a content list such as blog posts or even a YouTube channel. The Monthly calendar is the Erin Condren Life Planner is really roomy. There’s decent size monthly boxes and a strait bullet lined column for lists.

The greatest feature about the new 2017/2018 Erin Condren Life Planner is the new Mohawk paper. It’s buttery smooth and so much thinker then previous life planners. Another new feature is the monthly goal section. The circles are blank and you could use this for anything!

Lastly the new stickers that come in the back are gorgeous and nothing like we have ever saw in previous Life Planners .

The previous planners had preset event labels such as Birthday, Vacation, exc. You now not only get the beautiful Gold and Rose Gold foiled color scheme but also different boxes like full boxes, half boxes as well as checklists. I also like the blank labels because most of the stickers in the past I didn’t really have a use for.

Also as you can see in the above picture that the covers are removable and customizable and come with so many different patterns. Her planners also come in a variety of layout options

  • Horizontal

  • Vertical

  • Hourly ( the one I use but may go back to horizontal )

PS: The little girl sleeping in my planner picture is actually a stamp that I colored. Didn’t it turn out adorable!!!!

Another planner EC offers is the Luxe option. This planner has a fancy non removable cover and also comes in the three options I mentioned above.

Erin Condren offers a planner for everyone’s preferences.

  • Monthly

  • Monthly deluxe

  • Academic

  • As well as different style notebooks anywhere from hard to soft cover.

Honestly I am extremely picky with paper quality and don’t mind spending extra for that. But I also use felt pens they make my writing a bit less sloppy. These kinds of pens tend to bleed through if your paper quality isn’t great.

Save 10 Dollars On Your First Erin Condren Life Planner Using this link !

So do you use a Erin Condren or another planner you absolutely love?

I would love to here about it in the comments below.

Love, Jackie

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