Tips On Getting Ready For A New School Year.

Has your summer been like mine has! As a SAHM of four, I sort of let my home go, and that’s a understatement.

I didn’t purposely neglect it, with 4 kids ages 2 – 19 under my feet constantly, it was nearly impossible!

My kids go back to school in less then a week, and my almost three year old is starting preschool for the very first time (insert the tears and struggles it will bring). He is attached to my hip, but this mama just needs a timeout.

I have a schedule and list for everything, but as a ADHD and Anxiety filled mom, I have a very hard time in that department, even though I am a avid planner girl.

I have many Planners, notebooks , and accessories. Enough to fill a stationary store, no lie. And a list for everything and anything, but still struggle in the organization department….. unfortunately!

My mom was always so organized, still is and her home is always immaculate. I wasn’t gifted in that department but me and my two brothers were spaced a lot farther apart then mine.

I let my home go, big time. I try so hard to keep up but with my 3 youngest 3, 7 and 10 it’s completely impossible, but did I mention the 19 year old is even worse then the younger ones. Oh and my 2 year old loved to take lightbulbs out of the lamp , dump everything that creates a stain on the rugs and loves to drawl on the walls and flooring.

I clean and clean and clean some more , to then turn around and have my house ransacked! I’m sure you know the feeling? At least I hope so.

I decided to take advantage of my Bullet Journal this time to document everything I need to get done like:

  • Cleaning Lists
  • Organization List
  • Lunch Ideas
  • School Supplies my 3 boys need
  • Routines for myself
  • Routines for the kids
  • Chores for the kids

I have an entry way area that is just a catch all, baseball equipment , coats and boots from the winter (don’t judge) , shoes, baseball cleats, baseball equipment and even a baseball cup. Yep, gross!

I plan on making an IKEA trip and adding a long desktop, with a Alex cart in the middle, and two desk chairs on either sides. As well as a desk lamp, some organizational bins for school supplies inside the Alex drawers, Along with a large cork board for routines, papers for school, chores and so on. I will make a blog post on that project after it’s complete:)

I did this with my planner office area and it turned out awesome. ( that’s what gave me the inspiration)

I got the smaller white IKEA desktop for $8.99 and two sets of the metal white legs for $4.99 ( that’s for a set of 2 legs).

I finished it off with the white Alex drawers for 69.00 and the white desk top. The desk top was longer then the actual desk but I have two , 3 cube cubbies I had from target that I rest it on.

All and all I am loving it , and for the price you just can’t beat it. .

I was using a old vanity that I painted white.

It just wasn’t big enough for any kind of video, or planning space.

  • The first thing I have been doing , and actually sticking to is getting all my wash folded and put away. Last year was a disaster to say the least. I am not sure how many school days my boys went commando or we were running late, well not running we were late.

I vow to not do this again this year. They were late so much, I felt like the hot mess mom walking my boys in yet again !!!!! LATE.

  • Second thing I did was go to Bed Bath & Beyond I purchased a XOXO Good Grips tub scrubber with extension pole ( had a Clorox one, but the toddler broke it) and some bathroom cleaner! I also got some disposable microfiber cloths and a couple new bath towels and wash clothes. I don’t know what it is, but buying new cleaning items makes me want to clean!

PS…. My bathrooms were filthy!

My 7 year old ( he is my old soul) was so excited to get new bath towels and washcloths.

Now my 10 year old could care less. But it does feel good to have a nice clean bathroom, for a day that is.

  • And the third, the task I dread the most…. The Dishes!! I have been doing the dishes daily along with wiping down the counters. It makes a huge difference with my stress level.

But this year I am going to try my hardest to get up early, I’m a night owl so 7 Am will do. And get my boys up early and hopefully have a less stressful morning. I know my. It’s do not do well when they are rushed, they tend to act out.

They are also going to have a daily routines along with chores. Another department we need to work on is bedtime. They need to go to bed at a decent time, that’s always a struggle in my house.

I will like to document my progress with you all weekly and let you know how it’s going! I also added a free printable Kids Routine PDF down below for personal use!

On To You,

What are you doing to get ready for the new school year? I would love to hear any ideas you may have in the comments below.

❤️ Jackie

Here is your free Printable, I hope it helps!< a href=””>Free Kids Routine Printable