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Daily Tasks That Will Make Your Home More Tidy.

It has been said that it takes 30 days to establish a habit.

By doing these tasks daily for 30 days they end up being part of your everyday routine also referred to as habits. I have always struggled to stay on top of my home for as long as I can remember well 37 years to be exact. So I just figured this is the way I was or maybe just wasn’t passed down that organizational gene like my mom has.

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I have listened to many audiobooks on Audible and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stick with a routine even with how bad I wanted it. However, I was at the end of my rope and finally made a conscious effort to stick with these certain tasks every single day for a month.

After forcing myself to do these certain tasks every day for a month unbelievably it was starting to work. I was pretty surprised, to say the least. Maybe I’m actually capable of changing my ways after all! No more slob vision ( quoting Nony From A Slob Comes Clean). It wasn’t until after listening to her book that I’ve finally had some hope. I highly suggest you check out her blog – That’s if you hadn’t already.

She is hysterical and her book had me hooked. I get distracted pretty quickly so if I can sit and listen to the whole book at once it must be good.

To be completely honest I am very lazy at times well most of the time. I would go a whole week being productive and feel great after only for the laziness to creep in for the next week or two. Realistically letting my home go for two weeks was just defeating the whole purpose and just couldn’t go on like this any longer.

Having four kids I’ve come to the realization that my home will never be perfect but do have to stay on top of certain tasks every single day to keep my sanity. With that being said I knew It was time to get my ass in gear and change the way I did things.

I already suffer from anxiety so when my house is upside down I’m more on edge. Not only do I suffer my kids suffer as well. And let’s be honest when dishes sit in the sink for multiple days sometimes you tend to put it off even more. It’s so much simpler to just do the dishes after one day even two days let alone almost a week. Don’t get me wrong I still dread dishes but have to constantly remind myself that if it’s not done the outcome is not pretty.

I am going to list the steps I took to keep my home manageable. Here are the tasks I’ve been doing almost every day to keep my home tidy:

1. The Dishes

Like I have explained above-it is so much easier doing the dishes every day rather than putting it off for a week. Sometimes life and kids get in the way and if you have to skip a day it’s not impossible. This was always a hard task for me but I actually am doing the dishes now daily. Another thing is having a dish soap that smells amazing like Meyers Peppermint Dish Soap. It just makes dishes a tiny bit better.

2. One Load Of Laundry

This actually is one of the easier things on my list. I don’t mind laundry it’s the next thing I am about to talk about that is absolutely dreadful. And if you haven’t tried Molly’s Suds Laundry Soda it’s amazing. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and will never switch back to regular laundry detergent. It’s all natural but has a hint of spearmint, more importantly, it makes your clothes smell clean. I highly suggest you give it a try. I’ve always had an issue with laundry smelling musty but ever since switching to Molly’s Suds that problem has disappeared.

3. Folding And Actually Putting The Laundry Away

I’m not alone here am I ?! There’s just something about folding laundry but more so having to put it away. But after finally folding the huge pile of laundry that has been sitting and getting it put away, my mornings go so much smoother. Seriously having to scrounge for clothes 15 minutes before my boys need to be out of the house just isn’t working. Also can thank my toddler somewhat for actually putting wash away. If I finally get a load folded and for instance leave it on the couch he will knock it all down immediately.

4. Making The Beds Daily

This isn’t as dreadful as the others but it does feel great to see made beds. It just brings the whole room together.

My mom would be proud 😂

5. Tidying The Bedrooms Daily

After implementing this task daily I now actually enjoy looking at all 4 rooms bedrooms tidy. It’s so much easier to pick up daily then let it go for a month. Just can’t believe it took 37 years for this to finally sink in!

6. Picking Up The House

This is something I have to do almost twice a day. The entry room/dining room is a catch-all for my boys’ baseball equipment, coats, shoes, hats, and backpacks. Just by hanging up their hoodies and backpacks on the hooks as you walk in my home(entry room) makes a tremendous difference. I call it the entry room because of it’s really long and narrow awkward appearance with a dining room type light fixture towards the end. However, when attempted to put our kitchen set their it took up way to much space. Another thing️ to add is this room has laminate flooring so vacuuming it like the living room carpet isn’t as necessary every day. For some reason, my toddler is drawn to the carpet instead of the flooring ~ Go figure.

Off of the entry room is the living room this is where I keep the majority of the toys my toddler plays with the most otherwise the rest are in the basement. Between the toys, crumbs, dishes and cups left lying around I have to clean up this room if not it looks like a wild animal ran through.

7. Vacuum If Needed

I do have to vacuum daily because my toddler loves to dump everything. But only vacuum our main living room every day. It would be completely insane to vacuum a 3 story 4 bedroom house every single day. Who has time for that! The vacuum I use is Shark Duo Clean Lift Away it’s amazing and picks up everything first swipe also has an electric brush roller and microfiber top roller to pick up lint etc. The main thing I love the most about this vacuum is it comes apart completely and makes cleaning super easy. More importantly it comes with many different attachments.

8. Kitchen Cleaned Up Before Bed

This is one of the tasks that has made a huge impact on my mornings. By just rinsing out the sink, wiping the counter and kitchen table it makes the kitchen look that much better. Even if there is still a few dishes in the sink.

9. Go To Bed At A Decent Time

This is still a work in progress for me since I’ve always been a night owl. Realistically after 7 hours a sleep compared to 4 hours I’ve noticed a big change in my day. My motivation is so much better and am way more productive.

10. Clean As I Go

For instance, if I see shoes in the middle of the floor or a loose sock in the kitchen (it happens, unfortunately) I’ll pick it up right away. It took some time to actually stick but now do it without thinking.

So that’s about it. I want to note there are some days I still get my lazy episodes and it’s still a work in progress. I do however make myself do these tasks every day. Also, give yourself grace sometimes life gets hard and that’s ok. Just go with it. Being a mom is not easy.

Now onto you,

Have you had any life-changing moments after implementing daily cleaning routines? I would love to hear about it!

❤️ Jackie

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