The Pinterest Hack For Carpet Stains.

I don’t  know about you,  but my kids are hard on stuff, especially my toddler. He has a tendency to dump anything he can find on our carpets.

We have a three story house, mostly laminate flooring besides the basement and bedroom carpets the back family room is also carpeted. That is where he likes to make his messes! Unfortunately this area is right off the entry room.

Everyone who walks into my home gets to see his disasters.

The carpet is a magnet for him. We have lived in our current house almost 3 years. He has dumped anything from soda, coffee, juice, lotion and a whole bag of coffee grounds. I recently had the huge stains covered with throw rugs.

I’ve tried everything from our steam cleaner , scrubbing with stain remover to recently the resolve carpet foam can and brush.

The carpet foam did freshen the carpet, but did nothing to remove the stains. I was frustrated and every time I went into this room I was greeted with huge brown carpet stains.

I was desperate and honestly thinking of pulling up the carpets and getting laminate flooring. But with four kids money is tight and that is not a option for us.

That’s when I went to Pinterest (like I usually do anyway) researching “How To Remove Set In Carpet Stains”.

That is when I came across scrubbing by hand with a baking soda and water mixture , however who has time for that. That’s when I stumbled on the 3 parts water mixed with 1 part of white vinegar a white towel and iron.

I was skeptical but figured what do I have to lose at this point.

I went to gather all my ingredients but couldn’t find a all white towel. That when I found old white Hanes T-shirts !  I grabbed my iron that I never use because who has time to iron!

I then mixed up the water and vinegar in a spray bottle, sprayed the stain and laid the white shirt over it filled up my iron with water , plugged it in and crossed my fingers.

When I started ironing on to the shirt before my eyes the stains started lifting onto the tshirts.

Trust me I know this is gross but that is what was in my carpets. I couldn’t believe it actually worked!  I did have to spray the stain a couple times and iron over it again.

I did this at night, while the kids were sleeping on the couch. The stains are 75% gone. I couldn’t believe the nastiness that lifted from my rug!  I will attempt to go over it again when my toddler is napping (but that’s rare these days).

The Mixture is :

– 1 1/2 part white vinegar in a spray bottle.

– Fill the rest with water.

The Directions:

-Spray solution onto stains and cover with white towel or old white T-shirt.

-Iron over the white towel ( making sure not to directly iron on the rug). And watch the spills transfer on to the white towel.

-Repeat if needed.

And that’s it!  If the stain is really bad you may have to repeat the steps.

But if this worked for me I am assured this will work for anyone else.

Has anyone tried this secret to getting rid of set in stains?  Or if you decide to try this I would love to hear about the results.

❤️ Jackie