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Daily Tasks That Will Make Your Home More Tidy.

It has been said that it takes 30 days to establish a habit. By doing these tasks daily for 30 days they end up being part of your everyday routine also referred to as habits. I have always struggled to stay on top of my home for as long as I can remember well 37 years to be exact. So…

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How I Keep My Family Organized Using My Erin Condren Life Planner.

Are you in to paper planning as much as I am? Do you write every last detail down every single day? If so you are already one step ahead of the game , if not I highly suggest you purchase one. It doesn’t have to be a Erin Condren. All though I have been paper planning for four years now…

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How To Get Your Home Clean With A POWER HOUR!

Hi there, I have come to the end of the third school week. My older two boys have been off the past two days for Rosh Hashanah and things have been a tad chaotic. I’ve let my housework go, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done with a toddler and two older boys constantly asking for something. But I have…

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Advice On Starting A Blog. 10 Mistakes I Made Over The First Year Of Blogging.

Are you fascinated with blogging , or more so do you want to start a blog but have no clue where to begin? A year ago this was me! I am a SAHM of 4 and wanted desperately to start a blog. I am a planner addict, very active in the planner communities as well. I wanted to start a…

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7 Things To Clean Everyday For A More Relaxed Living Environment.

The summer is almost over and my kids will be returning to school September 5 and my toddler will be starting Pre School September 6. My home has been in shambles! My kids were sleeping on the couches most of the summer and trying to clean with 4 kids home all day is completely impossible! So I started getting my…

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Tips On Getting Ready For A New School Year.

Has your summer been like mine has! As a SAHM of four, I sort of let my home go, and that’s a understatement. I didn’t purposely neglect it, with 4 kids ages 2 – 19 under my feet constantly, it was nearly impossible! My kids go back to school in less then a week, and my almost three year old…

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