A Label Machine That Prints on Washi Tape !

-Do you love to label things as much as I do?

-Do you love washi tape as much as I do?

Well I have something to talk about….

A label machine that’s inkless and prints on washi tape !

I was scepticle at first, I really was. I figured since I was able to use a 55 percent off coupon , I’d give it a try !

So I went home and opened the box. I put the batteries in and realized it didn’t come with any (not even a sample roll) of washi tape.


That’s what I get for not reading the box!
So back to Michaels I went to buy all the TEPRA Washi 😊.

Link for the TEPRA machine below:< a href=”http://www.michaels.com/dcwv-tepra-lite-label-printer/10506606.html”>http://www.michaels.com/dcwv-tepra-lite-label-printer/10506606.htmlPicture of the washi tapes I found so far:

The DCWV TEPRA washi tapes are not available like the machine on Michaels.com.

I have two Michaels stores close to me and the first one only had two patterns, and a couple of each.

The second Michael’s store I went to had about 20 patterns with multiples of each !

If you are interested, I highly suggest you call all your local Michaels stores and ask what they have, i am most likely sure they will hold it for you.

This machine has wonderful reviews so far on Michaels.com , the only negative review I saw was someone stating having a hard time finding washi tape (which I can see true, being my two Michaels stores we’re hit or miss).Maybe Michaels will eventually put the TEPRA tapes online😀

Psssst Michael’s ….. Hint, Hint😂

This machine , being it is inkless, uses special thermal washi tape (I tried regular and it didn’t work). A roll will cost you 7.99 a piece , but if you are anything like me, you will not mind. And let me tell you, the prints are beautiful !

Picture below,

Ps: Do not put it through the laminator 🙁.It turned black while I was laminating a planner dashboard. (Duh, Jackie) So anyway, I get home, load the washi tape and start typing .
tton and held down the cutter button on the top of the machine. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, I honestly didn’t think I would love it as much as I do.

And did I mention the washi tape is super easy to take out and switch !

This adorable little machine also has hundreds of icons to choose from ,

  • Punctuation
  • Units
  • Numbers
  • Fancy
  • 2 digits
  • Icons
  • Abbreviation’s
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Food
  • Vehicles
  • Misc.
  • Daily
  • Zodiac
  • Special
  • Accents
  • Greek
  • Hiragana
  • Katakana

As well as different Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

And a couple different fonts. Did I also mention borders!!!!

It’s super small and portable and only weighs a couple pounds . The machine is white, has white rubber keys with grey letters and a blue power , print and cut button.

The DCWV TEPRA machine is only half the size of my original label machine, and the replacement  tape for my original was almost 30 bucks!, so I really don’t mind paying 7.99 per roll of tape that’s washi !
y the TEPRA washi tape will be available online at Michaels.com 😀 
this little amazing machine multiple times a day since I purchased it and can not get enough of it.
using this in my planner!

The DCWV TEPRA label machine is sold exclusively in Michaels stores and on Michaels.com .  It retails for $79.99.

wn a TEPRA ?