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7 Ways To Get Back Into Your Planner When Life Gets Messy .

Do you find it hard to jump back into planning or bullet Journaling after a dry spell?

This past month has been stressful to say the least. For some reason Christmas always gets me stressed and on edge. Although it wasn’t always like this , that is until I experienced PPD after our fourth child came into the world back on October 19, 2014.

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Before Postpartum Depression stole my identity Christmas was always a big deal in our family. Don’t get me wrong it still is but something has changed, I have changed. The Me after PPD never came back. The mom who would bake and make applesauce ornaments with my kids is no longer around.

The mom guilt is strong.

Fast forward to present day and my 3 year old only saw Santa when he was an infant back in 2014. Santa was a yearly thing for my other 3 children along with portraits for every birthday and holiday (well technically the portraits stopped with my 3rd). Unfortunately something has changed I no longer have the desire or even the excitement I had before PPD stole so much of me including the moments that gave me so much joy.

The past month I also haven’t been keeping up with my planning or even my blog. So I ordered a new Leuchtturm to kick off 2018 and get serious about Bullet Journaling again. Also I have a brand new Erin Condren currently on it’s way. I tend to jump around with my planners and have so many different styles that it does more harm then good and makes my life more disorganized, if that’s even possible.

One moment I’m using my Kate Spade Personal ZIP Around Planner or Filofax Malden Personal Leather Planner with Sew Much Crafting Inserts until I decide to switch back to my Erin Condren Life Planner and Leuchtturm notebook.

However the biggest thing I do notice when I’m not in my planner or bullet journal faithfully is that I am a hot mess more so then usual and not as productive at home or with my blog compared to planning daily. Planning is like therapy for me and there is just something about lettering in my bullet journal that soothes my soul when I’m having a bad day.

So here are some things that have helped me when I went through one of these dry spells.

1- Buy A New Notebook To Bullet Journal

There is just something about buying a new notebook from Amazon to Bullet Journal in like the Leuchtturm that never fails to get me in the spirit to create a layout. Also buy a new pen or brush pen to make your layouts on point. I am loving the Tombow Fude or the Tombow brush pens at the moment. Also the Mildliners are AMAZING highlighters and make your pages pop. But these babies aren’t like your typical highlighter, they are double sided and have a chisel and broad end. They work great for highlighting, tracing and lettering.

2- Buy A New Planner

I mentioned this earlier in my post that I did buy a new planner. I ended up going with the Erin Condron neutral vertical layout for 2018. I can’t wait to get it. If you are familiar with Erin Condren you may already know that the newer neutral vertical layout is different than the colorful vertical layout. The neutral still has the 3 columns per day but without a header and dashed boxes. I’m super excited about this new feature. If your not familiar with Erin Condren you can purchase your very own with 10$ off your first purchase here.

3- Write Daily

Just writing anything that comes to mind increases my creativity along with lettering and making a to do list. You can always write and doodle in your bullet journal and/or transfer into your planner.

4- Just Start Where You Are

Self explanatory. Just start planning where you are. And eventually you will get back into the swing of things before you know it.

5- Decorate Your Planner

This is a biggie for me. I absolutely love decorating my planner with planner sticker kits. It takes you’re planner up a notch and it’s also super pretty to look at and to share. My all time favorite sticker shop is Krissyanne Designs Her kits are made of vinyl and are amazing. Quick note to add is that you will need a sharpie orMicroperm to write on her stickers but I promise you will love them.

6- Look For Inspiration

Go on Pinterest or Instagram and look at all the beautiful layouts. There are so many talented ladies and gentlemen in the planner / bullet journal community that your bound to get inspiration from someone.

7- Join & Interact In Some Facebook Bullet Journal Or Planner Groups

I love Facebook Groups for planner inspiration. My all time favorite planner FB group is Planners Gone Wild. There are so many woman who are super talented and have beautiful layouts. Also theBullet Journal Junkies FB group is a great group to get bullet journal ideas and inspiration if your struggling with your bullet journal. There’s also so many other groups on Facebook that it is really hard not to find inspiration somewhere.

So that’s about all I have to offer for now. I hope this post inspires anyone who is currently struggling or has temporarily given up on planning to dive back in where you are.

*I just want to make it known that you do not have to buy anything to get back into planning. It’s just something that motivates me but maybe not so much someone else.

Most importantly, Plan the way you want to plan not how you feel your planner should look. It’s ok if you do not like stickers or more so don’t have time to construct a perfectly decorated planner. I myself have had many weeks like this. Now on the flip side if you like no white space planning that’s ok too.

The most important part of planning is that your planner works for you. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. And if you’re Planner is not working for you then change it up until you find what does indeed work for you.

So find your planner style and don’t feel ashamed. Share your planner (decorated or not) in Facebook Groups or on Instagram and be proud of it. I would love to see it. You can follow my Instagram here: @planninginthedeep (I always follow back😘)

Be Proud of your planner and of yourself.

❤️ Jackie

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