7 Things To Clean Weekly, For A Less Messy Home.

Do you struggle to keep your home maintained?

Were you not passed down the gene of organization and productivity ?

Do you have multiple little kids under your feet for the most part of the day ?

If so then keep reading…..

I struggle daily to stay on top of my cleaning . I will clean for hours to turn around as if I did nothing .

But to be fair, I have a four bedroom, 3 story home. Which includes 4 bathrooms, 2 1/2 and 2 full and a two story basement. It’s a lot easier said than done.

If you happened to read any of my other blog posts then you know exactly what I am talking. I am a full blown planner addict and have a list for everything along with multiple planners, bullet journals and travelers notebooks but still struggle to maintain my home.

I write my daily tasks down faithfully in my fully decorated Erin Condren Life Planner along with my colorful, hand drawn ( with the help of stencils of coarse) bullet journal to make house cleaning lists, routines and collections.

Then to turn around at the end of the day with absolutely nothing accomplished.

Honestly, it’s a viscous cycle.

That’s when I started realizing something had to change immediately . I can’t function in a home that’s dirty either can my family. I had to change the way I did things and get myself motivated once and for all . I’ve always been that rule breaker type, I even break my own rules .

A couple weeks before my boys went back to school was when I decided to finally put my laziness aside and just get shit done. The last thing I want is a repeat of last school year.

So far, it’s been three weeks into the new school year and I must admit , I’ve been keeping up. I’m not perfect but much more organized then I was last year.

To add , my boys have not been late at all so far this year and mornings run so much smoother. They have clean clothes in their drawers, clean and tidy bedrooms. More so, finding underwear and shorts is no longer a struggle. And they haven’t went commando yet this year ! Yay.

I try to incorporate at least one task daily , Monday through Friday . I don’t do the same weekly tasks on the same day of the week. I go by what is the most urgent on my list for that day.

But remember, everyone has their own system and way of doing things . I use this list as a reference to which tasks need to be cleaned weekly.

So here we go, my weekly cleaning list, and hopefully I will stick with it.

1- Bathrooms

I try Weekly to clean my bathrooms. I usually though will take two days where others it’s one day since I have 4 bathrooms. I clean the toilets , toilet seat and base of the toilet. I also wipe the sink and counters , along with picking up the dirty clothes and taking them to the laundry room( thanks to my three boys). Both my full bathrooms are on the third floor where the bedrooms are. I usually clean the tub before I bath my toddler, while he’s playing in the tub I’ll clean the sink and toilets and wipe the floors. The other full bathroom is in our master bedroom, to be honest, I don’t clean that Weekly. I have however, recently cleaned the shower (no tub in this one) and glass doors and what a difference. I also have a pet peeve for dirty doors. Our doors are white and get cruddy, I tend to wipe them as needed.

2- Dust & Vacuum Bedrooms

As I mentioned above, I have four bedrooms. We recently just switched the two older boys, 7 and 10 in their own rooms. Bedtime was chaotic but since they have their own rooms bedtime goes so much smoother.

What I usually do weekly is Wipe furniture, Doors, our door mirror and windows. Along with vacuum. I’ve also been making The Beds daily since my rooms are somewhat put together. It feels wonderful.

3- Vacuum & Mop Basement

I’ll be honest here, I don’t always get to this Weekly because my boys just wreck it, unfortunately. But the weeks I do, I vacuum the top level(carpeted) and vacuum the bottom Laminate and do a quick mop. The one think that is done Weekly is picking up any trash or dishes left along with tidying up the toys, video games , controllers and wires. That alone makes a huge difference.

4 – Dining Room / Entry Room

My dining room/entry room is vacuumed and mopped Weekly. The floor is a light colored Laminate and gets extremely dirty, especially since that is the room you enter from the front door. I will also Dust the furniture and Windex the front window and glass in the screen door weekly. I have a toddler who gets food an anything else he can smeared on the glass. This is another pet peeve of mine that I tend to Windex multiple times a week. I will also wipe any doors with Windex that are cruddy.

5 – Living Room

Although I vacuum daily since I have a tiny person spilling and dumping anything multiple times a day I still will vacuum on the day I Dust the living room furniture along with the mantle. Another task I incorporate is Wiping the basement door, it leads from the living room and wiping smudge marks on the walls. I also Windex the patio glass doors leading from the living room to the balcony.

6 – Kitchen

My kitchen is high traffic and the floors get filthy. Weekly I will mop the floors and wipe the walls (quickly that is). Another task I do weekly is wipe the appliances such as the oven door, microwave, outside of the refrigerator and outside of the dishwasher.

We have a big bay window in our kitchen so I try and Windex that daily.

7 – Laundry & Bedding

I try and do laundry everyday but let’s face it with having a family of 6 it doesn’t always work out the way I like it to. So once a week I will do catch up. I will wash anything that I missed and change and was the Bedding. I also fold anything clean that piled up during the week and get it put away in its appropriate space.

So there you have it, my weekly cleaning tasks I try and implement to make my home more manageable.

I DO NOT always get everything or even anything done some weeks however I am trying to make a more conscience effort with these tasks.

I would also like to add, I have severe anxiety and when my house is a disaster, I tend to shut down and do nothing! So I have been pushing myself to get at least most of this done along with my daily tasks.

Also remember to take it one day at a time. It takes 30 days to build a habit.

One last thing before I wrap this post up is that I am trying to organize something once a week. I wanted to add this to my daily stuff, but let’s be realistic here, I can barley keep up with cleaning.

Now it’s your turn!

What does your weekly cleaning schedule look like or do you want to incorporate one?

Lastly do you have anything that you do every week that was not included in this post?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

❤️ Jackie