7 Things To Clean Everyday For A More Relaxed Living Environment.

The summer is almost over and my kids will be returning to school September 5 and my toddler will be starting Pre School September 6. My home has been in shambles!

My kids were sleeping on the couches most of the summer and trying to clean with 4 kids home all day is completely impossible! So I started getting my laziness in check to help ease into the new school year.

Last year was not a really successful year , I was always rummaging for underwear unsuccessfully at that and my boys went commando a lot ! This year I vow to let go of my lazy ways and try to not be the late, hot mess mom again this year.

Here are the 7 Things I have been doing daily, well mostly daily but let’s face it, it’s impossible to have a clean house with multiple little boys under your feet. But this has made a huge difference in my mood and productivity!

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1- Making The Bed

I read this everywhere and honestly, until I got my bedroom in order from the summer chaos I wasn’t doing this daily. I got all the clothes off my floor and put them away in the proper areas and now I make my bed everyday! It’s not always first thing in the morning but I do it….. everyday now. I also try and tidy the rooms and take any dirty laundry down to the laundry room. Our laundry room is on the main floor where the entry room, living room and kitchen are. I do keep a basket in the hallway where the 4 bedrooms are and at times will throw any dirty laundry into the basket.

2- Doing The Dishes Daily

This is something I struggle with , I absolutely dread the dishes . I also hate the dishes even more when they sit for a week, it grosses me out and I tend to put it off even longer. The past couple weeks I have been doing the dishes daily ( well at least trying to) and it makes a huge difference in the appearance of the whole house. My home can be a mess but if the dishes are done, and not sitting for a week , I feel so much more at ease.

3- Wiping The Counters

I have a major ant issue so I have to do this daily after doing the dishes. If I don’t the ants are everywhere and I have black granite countertops so unfortunately they easily blend right in. I use Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish and absolutely love it.

I also wipe out the sink once it is clear of dirty dishes. I use Barkeepers friend and this Scrub Daddy Scrubber and Sponge Set The scrub daddy has a little smiley face cut out and you will notice the face drooping (no lie. Lol) when he’s getting worn out. Each one lasts a month or longer and gets the dirtiest sink sparkling!

4- Vacuum

I have to vacuum daily, especially with a toddler making big messes. He recently broke my old vacuum, it was a shark rocket. I had to go purchase a new one and went with the Shark Duo Powered Lift Away. This vacuum makes vacuuming daily a breeze. And unlike the rocket that had the motor attached to the canister , the Duo does not. I can clean it out so easily in my sink when it gets nasty. Also the cover of the brush roller pops off and the brush roller comes out with just a pull. The best part about my new vacuum is the motorized brush roller and 3 settings for Hard Floor , Low Pile Carpet and High Pile Carpet ! And no more annoying crumbs flying back at me while vacuuming my kitchen or laminate flooring!

5- Load Of Laundry

I have been making a constant effort to do laundry daily. More so, with school starting, I do not want to go through the many hectic mornings like we had last year.

I’ve been keeping up, but let’s face it , I will never be completely caught up and I have to accept that. I have been however washing daily and making sure that the boys have clean clothes, socks and underwear, my daughter and husbands work clothes are clean and I myself have underwear. Yes , I have, on many occasions ran out.

Also, ever since I switched to Mollys Suds Laundry Soda from Amazon, it makes a big difference in the smell of the clothes. Mollys Suds is free from harsh chemicals, gentle on sensitive skin and other issues like eczema and also has peppermint essential oils to give it a bit of fragrance. I always had that musty smell problem with regular detergent but ever since I’ve switched to Mollys Suds that problem has completely disappeared.

I would also like to add, I took apart my fabric softener dispense that’s at the top of the agitator in my top loading washer. I never realized that you have to really dig and get to the bottom of it.

Mine snaps out but underneath is a little round disk with a handle. I never really paid it much mind but let me tell you it was a nasty discovery !

The amount of black nastiness caked in was observed . I worked at it for 2 hours and finally got it cleaned.

Then I just did a rinse cycle with some Laundry Soda and what a difference in the performance of my washer.

6- Fold & Put Laundry Away

This is another thing I struggle with ( as you can see I struggle with cleaning in general Lol). I dread folding laundry and putting it away in drawers. Since school is creeping up I decided I had no choice but to get it done. I had practically 2 rooms filled with clean clothes. It took about a week but I got most of it folded and put away. The biggest struggle with laundry I have though is socks. I hate matching socks and still have yet to get that done. I have a laundry basket dedicated just to socks that I have yet to match.

7- Tidy Up

Every night I try and pick up the toys and put them into the baskets I have dedicated to my toddlers toys. I also pick up any dirty laundry lying around and any strangling cups or plates that were left on the end tables. I also fold any blanks and throw any trash away. I also gather anything left lying around in our entry room, this room is a long awkward room and I struggle with how to decorate it. I love the feeling of waking up and coming down to a clean living area. It has a major impact on my mood, anxiety and more so , makes me more productive and want to keep it that way.

I would like to add that there are many days I don’t get to practically anything on this list , it’s still a work in progress. But I do feel more at ease when things are in order. But honestly it’s hard ! Mom Life in general is hard ! I struggle so much with trying to be the perfect mom with the clean house but most importantly, Us moms need to give ourselves grace! I hate all the pressure on Moms to be perfect and other moms at times judge, but just remember that most of the time the one judging is the one who has no clue.

It reminds me of the movie Bad Moms ! If you have not watched it I highly suggest you do….NOW.

It’s hilarious but more so the Mom who always judged the Hot Mess Moms ( like myself ) was the one who ended up having the most messed up life.

Now it’s your turn!

What do you do , or want to do Daily that keeps your home in order. I’d love to hear about it in the comments and I hope this helped anyone just trying to stay a float. XOXO

❤️ Jackie

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  1. I would have to say that this is my daily goal, but the laundry often doesn’t get done. I will hopefully get more of a routine down to where I don’t have to think about each task and just do them out of habit instead of focusing hard on everything that needs to be done.

  2. I could relate to this very well. At times my husband shouts when he is not able locate his pair of socks lols. I loved the way you keep your house less messy. Thanks for sharing these tips with me.

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