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7 Planners That Will Make Your Life Way More Productive.

7 Planners To make your life more organized.

Hello There.

Today I will be listing the 7 Planner I use or have heard great things about that will make your life much more organized. I have been utilizing paper planning for about 4 years now and it has helped me tremendously throughout my home and blog life.  If you have never used a paper planning system I highly recommend you at least give it a try.

This post may contain affiliate links. I only link items I use at home or for my blog I love and highly recommend. 

I also suggest if you are just starting out to join some planner Facebook groups such as We Love EC or Planners Gone Wild. I have made so many wonderful relationships through the planner community in the 3 years of being in Planners Gone Wild.

I would like to mention just as with any new Facebook group you may join please make sure to always read the pinned posts immediately to see what kind of rules each group has. Each group is different as in the way it is ran. If you happen to join Planners Gone Wild I highly suggest to lurk for a while and always post your planners. It can be any planner, notebook or travelers notebook.

Here are 7 Planners that will make you life much more organized.

1. Erin Condren Life Planner

The Erin Condren Life Planner is the one Planner I always make my way back to. I’ve used so many other planners in between that I loved but there is something about the Erin Condren I could never ditch. Not only are the covers removable and customizable best of all the paper is now made by Mohawk and it’s fabulous. Another great addition to this Planner is the clear pouch and included coil clip connector that is easily removable so you can place it anywhere you choose to. The last feature I would like to mention is the stickers included bound into the back of the planner along with a thick double style folder. There is also 3 coil color options. My favorite is the black coil and it’s usually a small additional fee but it’s so worth it. The Erin Condren Life Planner also comes in 3 different layouts

  • Hourly – Lined vertical straight columns that go from 6am till 7pm. This layout also has a straight lined checklist column before Monday to jot down ToDos.

  • Vertical – Each day has 3 Vertical boxes unlined with a header above each column. Also has the lined notes/to do section before Monday.

  • Horizontal – Horizontal lined columns with a lined box above Monday for to-dos or lists.

The Erin Condren Life Planner starts at 50$ and can be a bit more for the color coil option as well as the rose gold or metallic covers. Personalization is free and the cover options are endless. I would definitely check it out. If you would like to purchase a Erin Condren Life Planner you will receive a coupon for 10$ off in your email after you create a account.

Here is the link below:

Erin Condren Life Planner

2. Inkwell Press Planner

The Inkwell Press Planner comes in Flex and Classic with dimensions of 9″ by 7″. The Flex is a horizontal layout and the Classic is a vertical lined layout. The Inkwell Press paper is 140 Gsm without bleeding Recently however you can only purchase the Flex layout ( Horizontal) on the Inkwell Press site. If you like the Classic Layout it’s very similar to the Erin Condren Hourly Layout minus the hours. The downfall is that you can only purchase the Classic layout now through Office Max/Office Depot. You can purchase the classic however online though Office Max. Like I mentioned with the Erin Condren Coil, the Inkwell press coil is a more wider spaced coil and the covers are not removable. There is a lot of extra pages for example goal planning, yearly planning, movies to watch, travel organizers and bill tracker. Includes a double sided folder which I love and and snap ruler. This planner costs 54$.

You can purchase the Inkwell Press Planner here:

3. The Day Designer

The Day Designer is the ultimate daily planner for the busy mom or business woman. It has 90 gsm paper with a daily schedule on one side running from 7am – 7pm and a to-do list on the other side along with dinner prep, gratitude and Top 3. The Day Designer comes in two different sizes original and mini. The original planner is dated with dimensions of 9″ by 9.75″. The mini planner is also dated with dimensions of 6.625″ by 8.3″.

I personally love the mini size it’s just a tab bit more portable. The Mini Day Designer daily pages are identical to the Classic daily pages. The mini planner costs 49$ and the Classic costs 59$ but Right now the 2017/2018 version is 50% off.

If you would like to purchase The Day Designer you can follow the link here:

The Day Designer

4. The Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner has always been a daily planner up until 2 years about when they released their bound Weekly Planner ! The daily has a ton of space to write everything down you need if you prefer a daily planner. The Daily Planner is coiled very similar to the Day Designer and has a monthly on two page dated calendar with monthly tabs.

The Weekly Bound is a tad smaller then the classic daily planner Simplified offers but is absolutely stunning. Last year it was just a leatherette without monthly tabs but this year they are stunning. The 2017/2018 version has a hard cover with foil accents along with gold edging and step tabs. Yes!!! This year there is monthly colored tab that makes this Planner that much better. The inside is a lined horizontal layout with little checklist circles. I absolutely love this feature. All in all you can’t go wrong with either in my opinion.

You can purchase The Simplified Planner here :

The Simplified Planner

5. The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is a Weekly discbound system and extremely customizable. This planner comes in 3 different sizes along with additional stickers, discs, sheets and punches to make the planner exactly how you want it. One extra add on I personally love is the home kit add on sheets. The home kit has everything you need to keep your home running in tip top shape from cleaning lists to meal prep lists. This planner rages from 19$-34$ depending on which size you chose. It’s a great planner with a reasonable price tag.

The sizes are as follows :

Mini 6.625″ by 8.3″

Medium 9.75″ by 8.5″

Big 10.25″ by 11.50 ( the pages however are 8.5″ by 11″ )

You can purchase the Big Happy Planner here:

The Happy Planner Big

You can purchase the Classic Happy Planner here :

The Happy Planner Classic

You can purchase the Mini Happy Planner here :

The Happy Planner Mini

6. Kit Life Planner

I have heard wonderful things about this planner all thought I have never used one. But that will be changing very soon because The Kit Life Planner looks amazing. It’s a daily planner with monthly sections as well. Although getting things done is paramount to a successful life, The.Kit Life Planner also incorporates gratitude, healthy eating, physical activity, goal setting, mindfulness and spirituality.

You can purchase the Kit Life Planner Here:

The Kit Life Planner

7. Foxy Fix Rings Personal Wide

The foxy rings is a fairly new addition to their classic travelers notebook. In my opinion the personal wide is the best way to go. It’s basically aa personal length with the length of a A5. I just want to add that the insets are separate from the planner. The inserts have everything to keep you organized. Not only do you have your weekly and monthly in between each week you have paper, lists and a tracker. Another added bonus is the goal tracker after each month along with shop websites and password lists. So far I am loving this planner.

You can purchase the foxy rings here:

Foxy Rings Personal Wide Planner

So that sums up my post for today. I hope you have found this list resourceful.

Now on to you.

Do you use any of these planners?

Or is there a planner you love that’s not listed? I would love to here your comments and suggestions.


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